February 5, 2040 in the asteroid would hit us


Kill millions of people. NASA astronomers have discovered a new threat from space. Asteroid 2011 AG5 at full speed rushes to the planet to a rendezvous. For the last kiss. The probability of a collision with Earth scientists estimate is very high: 1 to 625. Cob width of 140 meters can cut into the planet February 5, 2040.

He could kill millions of people, but a global catastrophe will not — believe astronomers. 140 meters — still not enough to cause a similar disaster from which 65 million years ago, killing the dinosaurs. Then the Earth "kiss" asteroid width of 14 km.

Maybe AG5 will be even less. Its exact dimensions are calculated between 2013 and 2016., When the asteroid will approach the Earth at a comfortable distance for observation.

At present, experts are busy processing methods, how to prevent asteroid collision with Earth. Among the discussed methods — the use of the rocket, which can catch and pull the heavenly body behind him, a safe for the planet's orbit.

— Flies around the Earth about 20,000 potentially very large — more than 140 meters in diameter — objects. A body like the Tunguska diameter of 30 meters — even more: 200,000. But we are "in your face" know only a thousand. It turns out that we have opened only 10 percent of everything that can cause harm to the planet — confessed "KP" head of the department of physics of stellar systems of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University. MV University Oleg Malkov.

Svetlana Cousin

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