Fedotov — for the eradication of the Stalinist vestige of consciousness

Councillor and Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Promotion of Russian civil society and human rights, Mikhail Fedotov called it a priority to eradication in Russian society vestige of Stalinist consciousness.

He said that as long as it is not will be madeoh, "we can not breathe, become equal with other nations."

According to Fedotov, "in 1991, the country has seen a bloodless revolution, but the de-Stalinization was not held," the BBC reported.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday appointed Mikhail Fedotov, his adviser and chairman of the Council of the President of Russia in promoting the development of civil society and Human Rights, According to the press service of the Kremlin.

To still Fedotov was secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists.

The former chairman of the Human Rights Council Pamfilova resigned from his post in late July this year.

"I saw that the president is very important that the Council that it does not bow, no valve for letting off steam, but a tool for the development and implementation of state policy" — Fedotov said after meeting with Medvedev.

Fedotov said that is not going to change the composition of the Board headed by him and intended to "continue the tradition" established by his predecessors, Sergei Kovalev, Vladimir Kartashkin and Ella Pamphilova. Eight-year Pamphilova led by the Human Rights Council, he has called "civil feat."

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