FGC UES for the first time in the south of Russia establishes innovative conductors

JSC "FGC UES" for the first time in the southern region of Russia has used conductive cast resin at 110 kV substation Glass (Republic of Dagestan). The use of such equipment can significantly reduce transmission losses.


In addition, compared to conventional wire and cable lines with XLPE insulation, the conductive cast resin is more durable, low-maintenance, seysmoustoychiv (9 points) and has a long service life — about 40 years.

This type of conductor has a number of advantages. As the insulation in the form of equipment used compound — thermosetting, thermoplastic resin, which thanks to its properties provides increased resistance to external shocks, fire and humidity. In addition, the compact equipment located on the platforms, which saves valuable space power facility.
At 110 kV substation Glass Specialists of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of the South — installed more than 400 m conductor with cast resin. At work do not require the use of post insulators, which significantly reduces the time and effort required to install it.

"The main properties of the conductor should be noted the high environmental and safety. The equipment has a low level of electromagnetic radiation. The grounding conductor layer serves as a protective conductor, excluding personnel from entering under the action of electric current ", — said the head of the Investment Caspian PMES Abulgasan gamzatov.

Construction of 110 kV Glass began in 2012. To date, work at a power plant are in the final stage. On the territory of the building is constructed substation control, there are two power transformers of 63 MVA each, mounted outdoor switchgear and 35 kV indoor switchgear 10 kV. Currently running at a power plant commissioning of the equipment. Experts set relay protection and emergency control, automated process control system (PCS) and the commercial accounting system (AMR). As of June this year, is scheduled to enter power facility into operation.

Glass 110 kV substation capacity of 126 MVA will provide electricity some of the largest industrial enterprises of the Republic — JSC "Caspian float glass plant," Metallurgical Plant in recycling metallics, plants for the production of agglomerate and ceramic tile, solar cells and other productions.

Construction of power is carried out under a contract with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Communications of the Republic of technological connection of industrial plants to the grid of the Federal Grid Company.

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