FGC UES prematurely launched a new line of 500 kV Pomary — Udmurt

At 500 kV Pomary (Rep. Mari El), a solemn ceremony of commissioning of the new high-voltage transmission line of 500 kV Pomary — Udmurtskayai.

The line runs through the territory of the Republic of Mari El, Tatarstan, Udmurtia and the Kirov region, and was constructed to create the interconnection of energy regions of the Middle Volga and the Urals. It will strengthen the backbone 500 kV connection between regions, will increase the capacity of inter-system cross-sections and reduce the cost of generating power. The new line will also significantly improve the reliability of power supply of the Republic of Tatarstan and will be one of the key energy facilities of the Universiade 2013.

During the construction of the new Highway 500 kV transmission line Pomary — Udmurtia, which is over 300 km of installed 1,056 poles, wires and installation is made of fiber-optic cable, built special passage across the river. Vyatka in the Kirov region with a height difference between the two sides — more than 80 meters total length of 1560 m 

In addition, within the framework of the project of 500 kV substation modernized Pomary in the Republic of Mari-El was a reconstruction of the existing building Substation Control (GTC), the installation of automated information-measuring system of electricity (AMR) and fiber-optic transmission systems (FOTS) , completed the electrical work.

The project also works on the reconstruction of the 500 kV Udmurt Republic of Udmurtia. Produced at a power plant expansion of outdoor switchgear 500 kV with construction of transmission lines to connect the cells are replaced by physically obsolete batteries installed two shunt reactors, one of which is manageable. Also built building to house the relay panels and cameras switching valves, complete repair facilities OPU, refurbished network engineering and information technology systems.

According to the program of development of the northern power region of the Middle Volga completion of construction and commissioning of the line to the work planned for 2014. This was due to plans for economic development in the region, the need to improve the reliability of power generation center of Kazan, as well as the extent and geographical features of the area, which forms the route line. But in accordance with the agreement between the Federal Grid Company and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the decision was made to accelerate the timing of the facility and to introduce a line of work prior to the 2013 Universiade, which will take place for the first time in Russia — Kazan. This decision will significantly improve the reliability of power sports festival.


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