FGC UES put into operation in Moscow experimental new generation of digital substation

The main purpose of the experimental digital substation — development of various innovative technologies prior to their introduction to the work on the existing power facilities UNPG, including — identification of key technical decisions and requirements to be met are created today substation.

Unlike traditional power facilities, a substation of a new generation of information flow management in addressing the challenges of monitoring, analysis and management is performed digitally. This ensures a high accuracy and uniformity in all dimensions. Automation reduces the human impact on network performance, increase reliability and reduce electricity losses during transportation. Also among the main advantages of these power facilities — cost reduction, reduction in maintenance and operating costs.

Experimental digital substation is equipped with an intelligent secondary equipment that operates on a single standard protocol communication — IEC 61850. In particular, high-voltage substation installed digital measuring optical current and voltage transformers, multifunction measurement and control devices, station bus and process bus, the system clock, the new display system and substation control (SCADA). The use of fiber-optic cable eliminates the need for expensive copper wires and improve the reliability of connections.

Development of digital substation JSC "FGC UES" is part of a project to create intelligent power grid, which will significantly improve the reliability of electricity supply and reduce energy waste and consumption of energy.
In the inauguration ceremony of hardware and software digital substation, which was held in Moscow at the test site of JSC "NTC electricity", was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Federal Grid Company's Roman Berdnikov.

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