FGC UES put under a workload of 500 kV in the Amur region.

"The final test for the integrated testing of the operating voltage overhead lines were in a difficult flood situation in the Amur region. Part of the foundations of a new transmission line along the river Urca, were flooded, "- said Deputy Director General — Chief Engineer of MES East Oleg Grin'ko.  

"That is why comprehensive testing before the lines were conducted inspections of all supports, the assessment of their condition as satisfactory," — said Oleg Grin'ko.

500 kV lines Zeya HPP — Amur number 2 will increase the reliability of the power delivery of the Zeya hydroelectric power station, will satisfy the growing demand for electricity consumers of the Khabarovsk Territory, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region, as well as increase electricity exports to China.

The first phase of 500 kV power bridge Zeya HPP — Amur — State border — 500 kV transmission line Amur — Heihe length of 152,76 km constructed and placed under stress in November 2011

The construction of 500 kV transmission line Zeya HPP — Amur number 2 length of 362 km began in 2012. At the intersection of the line with a navigable river Zeya construction made special transmission length 2275 m height mounted two piers up to 96 m each. The new line wound on the outdoor switchgear 500 kV substation 500 kV Amur. For this purpose, the reconstruction of the substation: equipment installed three new line cells and put into operation an additional 500 kV shunt reactor.

At the final stage of a new transmission line and substation equipment have been put under load for 72 hours to test in a variety of modes of electric power and perform routine maintenance. Operating personnel thoroughly checked the performance of the equipment for compliance with standards. The tests were successful.

As a result of the full range of works on a large scale project such as the construction of 500 kV power bridge Zeya HPP — Amur — state border will be removed existing system limitations provided by the issuance of power generating sources, provided power of new customers, including electricity exports.

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