Fires in Southern States

Due to a prolonged drought in parts of the southeastern United States, especially in Florida the situation has reached a dangerous point, reports the Center for Climate Prediction. Drought at any time can cause a fire of dry vegetation, and this may cause a fire in a large area of the states.

"Usually, at this time in Florida, there is dry weather, but this year it's even drier than normal, but this is a natural continuation of 2011, which was one of the driest in history," said a senior meteorologist Dan Kottlovski.

Analysis of the precipitation deficit in the southeastern part of the state shows that the dry season continue into this year.

Jacksonville this year is one of the driest areas, it fell to only thirty-one percent of the norm, and now there is a shortage of almost 8 inches of precipitation.

A similar situation is observed in the Fort Myers, Florida, it also fell only thirty-one percent of normal precipitation. The same critical situation is observed in other cities.

Only in the city of Miami, Florida precipitation was above normal.

Drought provoked several forest fires in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. As of yesterday, the "Sunshine State" was recorded eighteen fires. In total, the fire is now covered several hundred acres.

So far, the fire can not cope with the fire, but no one knows what will happen today or tomorrow.

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