Flooding in Latvia


As a result of the torrential rains that hit Saldus, in flooded homes.

In this connection, July 29, along with local government agencies responsible will decide on the introduction of the city and surroundings of emergency.

In interevyu program Labrit, Latvija representative of the State Fire and Rescue Service (GPSS) Ivo Mezhulis explained that the water level in the city continues to grow.

Responsibility for the moment the service has not yet begun to evacuate people, but we know that in a city flooded by sewage treatment plants.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists on Friday torrential rains in the west of the republic will continue.

In Saldus called experts GPSS, evacuated 12 people

29.07.11.Saldusskaya council appealed to the State Fire and Rescue Service (GPSS) to help in flood relief, said a representative of the portal Delfi GPSS Shembel Victoria.

Due to heavy rain, walking from Thursday evening until Friday morning, the city flooded several streets and fields. GPSS technology is already working in Saldus and from Riga and Liepaja drove tanks and pumping stations. The city also arrived experts flood relief, which helped Poland and Moldova. They have a more powerful technique.

Municipal police evacuated from their homes on the street Brivibas 12. Further action will be decided at the meeting convened by the Commission for Civil Protection.

Ruined stretch of highway Riga-Liepaja will not soon in order

30.07.11.Uchastok highway Riga-Liepaja between Saldus and Broceni, which because of heavy rain washed away the asphalt is still closed to traffic, vehicle sent to a detour through the center of Saldus.

The representative of the State Fire and Rescue Service (GPSS) Andrey Belyakov said that according to information received from the public enterprise Latvijas Valsts celi, repairs on this stretch of road will begin only on Monday, if the weather will permit.

GPSS representative claims that the said stretch of highway needs a very serious repairs.

Recall the 98-kilometer highway Liepaja, namely in the area from Brocēni to Saldus blurred because of the road on Friday, July 29, was blocked traffic.


Photo: © DELFI.lv

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