For Lukashenko — in institutions for the opposition — the threshold

On the eve of Minsk Education Minister Alexander Radkov, head of the initiative group of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election, he told him personally that the alleged "no one is forcing anyone to collect signatures or signatures for Lukashenko." In reality, however, things are different. This now made regional correspondents of "Freedom." In addition, the journalists visited the picket lines of opposition nominees to the presidential candidates.

Gomel Oblast

Vice Rector personally collects signatures of students

In Gomel, some administrators have rushed in person to collect signatures for nomination of Alexander Lukashenko for a fourth term.

In particular, a case in Belarus University of Transport reported in writing to the Central Election Larissa Schiryakova, member of the initiative group in support of Andrei Sannikov:

We have over 50 meters from the building is located. And the initiative group of the incumbent president can head straight to the school …

"Pro-rector on educational work of Galina Chayankova — she, leader of the group in the Railway area of Gomel — in the main building of the University of Transport personally collected the signatures of the students for Lukashenko. Angers me is because we have — I'm a member of the initiative group Sannikov — richly restrictions. Example, on the picket lines. We have over 50 meters of the building is located. A leading group incumbent can head straight to the school, using his official position to collect signatures. I think this is an unequal, unfair somehow. "

Often, pickets, which is collecting signatures for opposition candidates, suddenly appeared a handful of well-dressed vociferous aunts, discrediting those who are not signed for the incumbent head of state.

That, at least, was at a department store where there were pickets at Sannikov and Neklyaeva.

Mr. Stanislav: "For Sannikov, he thoroughly educated person with a very respectable family. Secondly, he, being a diplomat, had worked hard to raise the prestige of the Republic of Belarus. Personally to him was given authority to sign documents on disarmament. Plus — he working for the United Nations. ask the new president of Russia. "

Noisy aunt interrupted Mr. Stanislaus:

"Russia — … (dirty word), that's it! Because for gas! Its cheaper to sell to someone, and Belarus — more expensive. (Voice of the side:" Do not bark!). Secondly, we are satisfied with what is. Our president is satisfied, and our life happy. I nearly eighty — I was happy. "

A member of the initiative group Neklyaeva Yevgeny Yakovenko Vladimir spoke about the other amazing things while collecting signatures in pickets:

"She went a beautiful woman, smartly dressed. Well, I guess now we'll talk. And she immediately:" Can you get to read about Neklyaeva and his program? "We reply that we can not break the law, do not have the right to campaign, to give something in his hands. She desperately Ms despair says, "Oh, did not work." She admitted that she had come to take the campaign materials, and with him to leave, that was proof that we were campaigning. This is most likely an employee of a certain administration or something like that. Perhaps they were promised a prize or bonus. Well, they do attend, inciting a provocation. "

Vitebsk Region

In opposition pickets — music and fun

Since the beginning of this week near Freedom Square in Vitebsk held pickets to collect signatures. For Alexander Lukashenko, sometimes, expose and two picket nearby. But beside them rarely stop to subscribe.

Next to collect signatures for Andrei Sannikov (by the way, picket in support of it was the very first in Vitebsk), with Gregory and Kastusiou for Vital Rymasheuski.

Gatherer of signatures, Vitebsk coordinator created the BCD Tatiana Seviarynets says:

Tatiana Sevarynets


Signatures for Vladimir Neklyaeva collects Alex Gavrutikov


Picket by collecting signatures for Yaroslav Romanchuk

"The company is going, but a little slow, and it is through the voters. Someone has already signed up for Lukashenka and is now afraid someone says he is in the public service and therefore can not sign for no one else, the police — they simply refuse to give a signature … Well, many have to explain that they have the right to sign for someone not one, but give the opportunity to take part in the election of all the available candidates.

The other nominees in the democratic signatures collected on the other side of the street. On some pickets even read poetry, as, for example, a collector of signatures Alexei Gavrutikov:

"I'm a member of the initiative group Statkevich, I invite voters such verses:

Peace, labor, May!

Lukashenko, ran!

IPad for coming —

The dictatorship killed! (Laughs)

And people give a signature. So, wait for change. That's it! "

Mr. Gavrutikov also helping to collect signatures for the nomination and Vladimir Neklyaeva. But as to his humorous poems treated the same way with humor, read them on the picket line in support of the true poet is not solved:

"I can not read their poems at the picket of a poet! But I sing his songs:" Play to play like that! "(Singing) Its the same song? Him!"

On the picket, from which the song and laughter are heard, immediately draw the attention of passers-by.

And for what ten paces from the picketers distributes independent media, opposition Vitebsk Boris Khamaida. It is for the boycott of the elections and therefore to the proximity to the protestors is hostile — fears that it will identify with them:

"Of course! Here today came Gavrutikov, said:" I state here. " I told him: I'm sorry, but only 10 meters away from me, become after I'm gone. " In 1996 he took an anti-constitutional coup. Therefore, there is no free elections. And there can be no elections! By the same people come up to me and ask what to do. Do not go to the polls at all. I am for the boycott! And all I explain why. "

Someone listens to the advice of Boris Khamaida, because he is older and has a local opposition leader in a certain authority. But someone does in their own way is with passports from all the series of pickets, first on one side of the street Lenin, then the second. Picket in support of Lukashenka such are avoided.


In Slavgorod (former Propoisk) election there is no information

From the provinces of Mogilev region to sign up for the opposition nominees, people come to the regional capital entire delegations. The members of initiative groups who collect signa
tures of the first campaign, noted that a similar phenomenon was not previously. On one of these delegations spoke to our correspondent Andrew Belagubav.

Slavgaradtsy subscribe

A resident of Slavgorod support by signing the opposition nominee

In Slavgade that over forty kilometers away from Mogilev, initiative groups of opposition nominees not. Residents of the district center to subscribe pryyazhdayuts in Mogilev.
Three slavgaradtsav: "They came to us there many subscribe"

On the central square in front of the house to life pickets opposition nominees timidly approached by a group of people. Their behavior issue that they are not of Mogilev. Ask where they are. From Slavgorod meet. There, for anyone not collect signatures.

Man: "People do not even know the candidates?"

Picker signatures correspondent: "They told me already morality read that I had a long sleep and did not come for signatures. I tell my coordinator, and we have declared there."

"And then suddenly decided to come here and sign up for the opposition nominees?"

"We have to make a contribution for a free Belarus that it flourished. To oppressed our people's right, because we were tired. People are tired of waiting for something better."

"Life goes by a peasant century short. When live? We came for the sake of the future, for the sake of our children and grandchildren."

"If a person receives a salary, and it lists every penny every day and thinks like him to survive this month. At debts still have to climb, where the supplies will give you to eat. And then also need to pay for them. How much can you make fun of people? "

Reporter: "How many of you came and for whom you subscribe?"

Man: "Eleven people. Well, many of us would have to sign"

Woman: "Just not everyone can afford to come by taxi, pay the money.'s Why not put a picket in Slavgorod? Many also would vote"

Man: "There is no information. This is what we have learned from the Internet. We know ourselves and say that such and such candidates. Oh, and suggests that for Sannikov, for example, vote. We subscribe for Sannikov and Neklyaeva.

Woman: "I see here that not all candidates. During Romanchuk, we also would like to sign."

Reporter: "And what party you're from?"

"No, we usually just people who want to easier life."

Man: "Who will do it for us? Many others it begins to speak, and they are:" It makes no sense. For we have already decided everything. "And I tell them:" If everyone would do so, then so will solve everything for us. And our life shall describe. "We ourselves need to achieve freedom and life in this country."

Man: "We are all afraid of losing their jobs. Not vote wrong, will go with the work."

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