For those who are interested in wax

What associations you experience when you hear the word "wax"? Ancient times, messages lovers, letter, sealed with wax and the seal of the ring. And really, this substance appeared in the days when the machines and flying into the sky could only dream … As part of wax present beeswax and various food colorings. Wax, which is used for sealing letters, parcels — the postal wax, and for packing of bottles, such as wine, involved wax bottle.

So, our company producing wax "Scarlet Sail", offers you to collaborate with artists. And we are not telling the whole story, because our staff — highly skilled experts who love their job and perform it at the highest level. For nearly 16 years, we have go down the path of business, working with our customers.

If you are interested in selling wax, or do you want to buy a wax, then go to our website and we will help you in your choice. Let you know that all our products are of high quality and not a diploma awarded in the "hundred best goods of Russia". Buy wax you can place your order if the site, or simply call us +7 (4832) 5.9.62. We are located in the city of Bryansk, but you can supply to other regions.

Now let's talk about some form of this ancient product. Colored wax appeared when added to wax, from which it did, cinnabar. Before that wax was colorless. In our day, people learned to make different colors of wax, the most popular among them: green, blue, red, yellow and brown. That is the colors of wax and we represent. As you can see, the choice is not small — it would wish …

Our pricing policy is loyal to customers and depends mainly on the amount of purchased goods. But you can order the wax at least in the amount of 500 kg. These are our only conditions. For example, zip wax has a price of 85 rubles per 1 kg, colored wax bank — 90 rubles per 1 kg bottle and colored wax (on the bottle) costs 193 rubles per 1 kg. As you can see the benefit to the person. Even our company offers products such as electric surguchnitsa, volumes 1 and 2.5 liters, and a bath to melt the wax to be applied to the neck of the bottle with a capacity of 10 liters. Prices — respectively, 3300 and 38,000 rubles each product.

Note to potential buyers — the entire history of the company and sales of wax, we have never received any complaints or criticisms of the quality of products or services. Draw conclusions about us to you, and only you …

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