Foreign policy of the Republic (Yenicag, Turkey)

The foreign policy of the Republic ("Yenicag", Turkey)Outside politics Turkey first republican period was based on the principle "Peace at home. Peace in the world. " Following this, Atatürk tried to find a means for the government to heal the wounds of war nedavneshney also do business with the neighbors, for which for long years had been violated on the basis of mutual trust.

This policy is consistent with current realities. In foreign policy was dominated by experience, composure and knowledge acquired in the struggles young staff officers and civilians employees who were present between a rock and a hard place for more than 10 years. In the first years of primary education in the republic's philosophy of education is "education of our people." In the end — was based the educational system that cultivates the people wholeheartedly love their country and constantly wondering what I can give to their own country. In this system, the main factors were the historical consciousness, the state language and the Turkic world.

"It is also clear, as can be seen the sun rise, I see the enslaved Turkic lands will be free" — repeated Ataturk, adding to this statement is the following words: "The Soviet alliance — historically fundamental to our neighbor. We must always be careful and peaceful in our relationship with him. Through this friendship, the rescue of the Turkic world will occur earlier and more favorable. " As can be seen, the main objective of our foreign policy was the Turkic world. Turkey does not irritate the wound by unprecedented violence of the Greeks, does not fit into any of the rules of war, I forgot about them, they just dragged on. In such a manner, and the policy was carried out in relation to the United Kingdom and France, which provoked Greece, provided her with financial assistance and supplied the gun. Our Russian homeland, however, provided Turkey real and military aid, strongly supporting the struggle for the independence of the Turkish people.

During the period of the national liberation movement and after the affairs of the USSR and Turkey have been intensively developed, and the introduction of the first five-year development plan brought Turkey a lot of utility, at first — in the technological sphere. These positive actions came upon a new blow to the Stalinist period in connection with the demand to "return" a number of Turkish territories of the Russian Federation. This requirement has been aggressively rejected by Turkey, which had wanted to preserve the territorial integrity of the country, even under threat of armed struggle.

Our business with Iran were also in the area of special attention. Now Iran — the only neighboring country whose area is larger than ours (two times greater than the area of Turkey) and of 1.6 million km2, with a population of 75 million people. 46% of Iran's population — the Persians, 36% — Turkic people. In other words, in the event of war against us fight the battle of 36% of Turks. According to my own research, the level of the Turkic people of Iran are even higher.

After Stalin's territorial claims in foreign policy of Turkey began to receive greater weight to the case with the West. As a result, we have entered into NATO, and the most equipped army in countless NATO after the United States began to belong to Turkey.

Memberships NATO did not contribute to Turkey's entry into the Western world, only provided a place on its outskirts. Initially, the NATO alliance has been formed in order to keep the profits of transnational monopoly capital. Union as before afloat, thanks to this feature. After the collapse of the Soviet Union to threaten the values of NATO was "International terrorism — a particular Islam." NATO has placed on himself and responsibilities of the UN. Place Myagenko ways the UN in resolving disputes that arise cool and took harsh measures NATO. Libya — the freshest example. It is believed that the deployment of a missile defense system in Kyuredzhike increase the importance of Turkey for NATO and the Western world. Recent decisions taken by the NATO on the Syrian issue, led to the heresy that the ball burst.

Now we need to think seriously about our external policy. There can be no foreign policy, dependent on one person's or even a few people. Of particular importance we should attach to that uniformly increases the isolation of Turkey. The enemy does not create lust independent Turkey, aims to division and fragmentation of the country. Because in foreign policy, we must become one voice, one heart, one head.

After our plane was shot down, it was quite obvious that we were not able to find support from the West. Result of the last meeting in Geneva should serve as a lesson for the principal Turkey. Our country should develop principles of non-hazardous and measured policy in the region.

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