Forest fire front moved 12 km from Mongolia to Transbaikalia

Large forest fire front moved 12 kilometers into the territory of Trans-Baikal region of Mongolia, said on Friday EMERCOM in Transbaikalian area.

According to the MOE, the region operates 36 large fires, five of which came only the day before. The largest fire is the fire in Akshinskom area, which began May 7 and was able to spread to 6.4 thousand hectares. His stew about a hundred people and seven vehicles.

"The difficult situation has developed with landscape fires in southern Transbaikalia. There last night from Mongolia, 20 kilometers south of the village near the border Tohtor Akshinskogo prairie fire across the front of 12 kilometers. To fight the fire involved 28 men and nine pieces of equipment — this fire trucks, tractors , water carter, "- said the MOE.

MOE noted that the fire involved volunteer fire from the village of Michael and Paul.

"It shall be an additional opashka located nearby villages. Currently no threat to human settlements," — said the agency.

In just the past day in Transbaikalia was reported 81 forest fires. Could eliminate 14 seats. The remaining 67 fires are an area of almost 55,000 hectares, of which 24 are located, and 43 fires continue to spread. Extinguish fires more than a thousand people and 300 pieces of equipment, including helicopter MOE that day leaked about 60 tons of water.

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