Fortum hooked Nyaganskaya power plant to the power grid of the country


Belatedly, but still want to bring news to the masses …

On the energy map of the country, a new object — Nyagan GRES. In May 2012, as part of a large-scale construction, which leads to Khanty JSC "Fortum", to the 220 kV network were connected to the first open switchgear station.

ORU has been connected to a 220 kV power transmission lines N'yaganskaya new power plant — Ilkovo and N'yaganskaya plant — Krasnoleninskiy Gas Processing Plant (KGPZ).

"For us, it is the next big step in the implementation of the project — said Mikhail Shabalin, director of the hydroelectric power station of" Fortum ". — With the commissioning of the outdoor switchgear station appeared on the energy map of Russia. Now of 220 kV put on transit, we implement flow of about 30 MW, and after entering the station through our ORU begin issuing power into a power grid. Construction sites are our main buildings — preparing and cleaning up water, a pumping station, is setting up ACS, ending the small installation works and entering into a stage of full commissioning of the first unit. "

At the moment, electrical installation is operated as a transit electric substation. In the near future ORU will be put at 500 kV and connected to the 500 kV network.

Commercial operation of the first power Nyaganskaya power plant will begin in 2012 with the distribution of power to the national grid through the country of 220/500 kV.  

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