Found the bodies of three mysterious creatures

A resident of Texas City Cuero Phyllis Canyon stated that she and her neighbors found dead by the road three mysterious creatures struck by a car. They each weighed about 18 pounds. Head of one of the monsters Canyon put in the refrigerator to preserve, to do a DNA test. And in the near future it should do zoologists.

According to women, the mysterious animal is legendary bloodsucker Chupacabra, relatives which for the past two years have destroyed 26 of its chickens. The chicks were not eaten — of which only sucked the blood.

"I saw a lot of terrible things, but never came across like that," — admitted Phyllis Canyon, a former hunter who has lived in Africa for four years. "

"Stories about the clash of people with completely unknown to science predatory animals appeared in the world press over the years. The habitat of these mysterious creatures constantly expanding. They have been seen in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, USA. As these incredible creatures first attacked in early 1995 year by a herd of goats, they were called in Spanish chupakabras what it suck the blood of goats. "

"British professor Jay Cope Shellhorn investigating the" activities "of the mysterious blood-suckers, was a portrait of chupacabra. This creature is in the upright position is an increase of about five feet, covered with light brown hair, and his head is like the head of a kangaroo. Eyes are almond-shaped, bright, but in the case dangerous turn red. Paws bird species have three toes webbed between them. Large membrane connects the forearm to the trunk. Moves creature on two legs, and quite quickly. "

"The Chupacabra has notched dorsal fin, sometimes, according to eyewitnesses, rises and starts to vibrate, emitting a buzzing sound. At takeoff being fin changes color. However, chupacabra does not fly in a literal sense, but plans, like flying squirrels. on people bloodsucker almost does not attack. "

In the XXI century, reports of Chupacabras came from California, Texas, Arizona. They attack all the domestic animals: the goats, pigs, cows, dogs, horses, chickens, pigeons, and even rats. This happens only in the evening and at night. In the afternoon the same time, they may hide in caves or underground.

Interestingly, the next to the adults of many notice their babies. So chupacabra seems to feel good in the tropical and subtropical regions of the earth and even multiply.

Witnesses claim that their appearance is accompanied by an unusually strong smell of sulfur. Eyewitness Madeline Tolentino said that "it was jumping like a kangaroo and smelled of sulfur." The researchers suggest that the odor emitted by a creature is in fact a way to immobilize the animal, when it sucks their blood.

In some cases, there is a supernatural force of bloodsuckers. So, once the Chupacabra disrupted iron gate barn of 4.8 to 4.2 m from the hinges to get to the animals. In another case, half of the city has seen the two pulled out by the roots Chupacabra old bamboo trunks.

Not long ago, a Brazilian television aired a story about two hunters who shot a being at night, in which the light of the day recognized the Chupacabra. Cutting off her head, the hunters came to the TV, where a live show his unusual trophy. Interviewers were asked to cut the piece of bone head for analysis, but hunters flatly refused.

In 2006, the Texas farmer Reggie Lago set a trap in the house after it discovered that many of his chickens and turkeys were killed by an unknown creature. In the trap got a cross between a bald dog, a rat and a kangaroo.

Corpse Reggie gave scientists to try to determine what kind of animal. However, according to U.S. media, "men in plainclothes" bloodsucker confiscated and immediately destroyed.

In this regard, some experts suggest the possibility that the chupacabra — break free product mutation or genetic experiments intelligence …

Gennady Nikolayev

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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