Four-meter shark in the Russian island: Divers had to shore

Large shark came very close to Vladivostok. Four-meter predator seen off the Russian island, where there is a construction of the APEC summit. According to eyewitnesses, the shark seen off Cape Zhitkova where to build the aquarium.
As the "Interfax", attacks on humans were not. Divers managed to get out of the water. "Shark to surface. It could all be considered. Diameter of it — about 80 centimeters in length — about four meters. Very scary," — said one of the witnesses.
In turn, the press service of Primorye Administration reported that telephone operations center to monitor the situation with the sharks in the Primorye received calls about sharks. People report where they saw predators, describe their appearance. Experts of all information capture, analyze, and will be used to determine its course of action and decision-making.
August 17 off the coast of the Bay of Khasan district Telyakovskii, southern Primorye, a shark bit off hand 25-year-old man. August 18 predator attacks underwent a 16-year-old, who seriously injured leg. Authorities imposed a temporary ban on swimming in the sea in the waters of the southern part of the region. Decision of the committee for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations in the Primorye Territory created the operational headquarters to monitor the situation with the sharks.

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