France starts building first Mistral for Russia

France starts building first "Mistral" to Russia

Spokesman of the French state company DCNS naval shipbuilding told RIA Novosti on Wednesday announcements that obtained advance and the French party begins construction the first helicopter type "Mistral"For the Russian Navy.

The contract for the construction of 2-"Mistral" — French-made helicopter — signed in June 2011. The total contract price is equal 1.2 billion. euro.

"Advance we got a few weeks back. Construction the first ship begins. It will be completed in 2014, the second — in 2015, "- said the representative of the company.

He also said that the construction of the second ship should start in a few months. Both ships will be built in parallel. But he could not say whether the start of construction depend on the timing of the second helicopter pay for the first.

Universal helicopter "Mistral"Has a displacement of 21 tons a thousand. Helicopter has a maximum speed of 18 knots when the body length of 210 meters. Maximum cruising range — 20 thousand miles."Mistral"Serves a crew of 160 people. Apart from their helicopter could take another 450 people. 6 of 16 helicopters air group" Mistral "are immediately placed on the flight deck. After the transfer of the Russian Federation on the ships will have on the eight helicopters Ka-29 and Ka-52K.

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