Frigate heading East

In March 2013 Company issued BECEMA mounting pariah dump trailers BCM-123F, have your own brand name "Fregat".


The concept of the new trailer provides the most efficient use of its solutions to the challenges facing the transport and construction companies working on the development of East Siberia.
The design is based on the proven multiple times, including in the Far North, the models BCM-123, fully inheriting its chassis and frame.
Use body manufactured by the method of forming high-strength steel sheet, possible to reduce the curb weight, compared with the prior art, almost two tons!
The Organization of the body structure of the flat bottom 1910H8800mm size dictated by the desire to provide builders and transport operators the opportunity to carry various concrete products:
— road and other plates,
— sleepers
— weighting of pipelines,
-Parts of power transmission poles and the like, so necessary in the frontier!
To Hoist used ram Italian manufacturer Binotto, too, repeatedly tested in the Far North, in the performance-preserving operation at temperatures up to -50 ° C!

Body volume semitrailer "Fregat" is-32m3
Load capacity — 34000 kg;
Curb weight — 10100 kg;
Gross semi-trailer — 43500 kg
The distribution of the total mass:
— on the axis of the rear axle — 28500 kg
— on the fifth wheel three-axle tractor — 15000kg.
Tri-axle air suspension and SAF axles with drum brakes, the system EBS Wabco with anti-rollover function.

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