Gajdukevich rejects presidential ambitions

The potential candidate, owed withdrew his candidacy from the presidential election.

This is with reference to the press-secretary of Interfax.

Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, owed filed to the CEC to withdraw his candidacy, the press service of the politician.

Commenting on the decision, Gajdukevich said: "Today I was informed of the regions: collected more than 100,000 votes. I said," one hundred thousand mark passed? "I replied," Pass. "I went (to the CEC — Interfax)" removed. "

His decision LDP leader explained: "I do not want to take part in this performance. Party has shown that we have the potential, we are active. This activity we implement differently."

When asked if he was going to refuse to participate in the campaign in one's favor, Gajdukevich replied, "No way."

, Owed the Central Election Commission did not explain the reason for non-participation in the elections.

In a statement the head of the Liberal Democratic Party, owed passed on October 8 in the CEC, there is no explanation of the reasons for refusing to participate in presidential elections.

"Refuse to participate in elections — the legal right Haidukevich. According to the Electoral Code, the applicants at any stage of the election campaign may withdraw their candidacy, even without explaining the reasons for its decision," — BelaPAN CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik.

October 7 potential presidential candidate pensioner Peter Borisov announced that withdraw his candidacy.

Borisov said he was willing to vote for co-organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski. The initiative group of Peter Borisov will work on Rymasheuski.

There are 15 potential presidential candidates.

Details — later on the site of "Freedom"

, Owed

Born in 1954

1976 graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineering School anti-missile air-defense forces.

1989 graduated from the Military Academy of Air Defense Command Marshal Georgy Zhukov.

Of 1992-1994. He worked in the Office of the National Security Secretariat of State of the Republic of Belarus.

Chairman of the Steering Committee of the political block "people's movement in Belarus."

1994 Member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

1995 Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party

2001 Candidate for President of the Republic of Belarus.

2004 Member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

2006 The Special Representative of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Member of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives Republic of Belarus International Affairs and CIS Relations.

A candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus.



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