Genetically modified salmon found harmless



According to research by the Department of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), genetically modified salmon (AquaAdvantage), growing twice as fast as usual, does not harm the environment, as well as harmless and as food for humans.

Thus, putting an end to years of disputes scientists. The findings show the FDA that AquaAdvantage potentially safe for humans and for the natural populations of salmon.

Similar conclusions FDA first went 2 years ago, but the U.S. government has ignored the results of these studies. Representatives of fishing companies believe that the issue of industrial production AquaAdvantage was shelved under pressure from influential opponents of genetically modified foods.

— We are pleased to positive environmental assessment by the FDA and hope that the government finally begin to develop a new regulatory framework on the basis of scientific evidence, — the company said AquaBounty Technologies.

If this happens, AquaAdvantage will be the first genetically modified animal products, legalized in the food industry worldwide.

However, opponents of GMOs continue to call AquaAdvantage «fish-Frankenstein» (frankenfish). They still fear that genetically modified salmon can cause allergic reactions in humans, and eventually destroy all natural populations of fish delicacy. In addition, there is still not destroyed and ethical barriers in this matter.

Responding to the concerns of moralists, FDA argues that as a product of genetic engineering, AquaAdvantage not a clone: it's just a fish with the structure of DNA, as modified for certain features.

It is still unclear what will be the demand for AquaAdvantage, if its manufacturing approve the U.S. government. Genetic engineering is already widely used in agriculture, but the genetically modified animals still remain taboo for consumers. Although the potential benefits of the sector, and thus the profits are enormous.

If AquaAdvantage eventually be allowed to sell, then consumers will not even know what they eat: in accordance with the law, the fish will not be labeled as genetically modified. And the taste, color and texture, it does not differ at all from the natural salmon.

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