Germans would be persuaded to allow itself to parts

And one more news about Germany. Of enlightened Europe, so to speak …

In Germany, a new law on organ donation. In the near future, every German, aged 16 or over will be regularly polled on their readiness to become a donor. Parliamentary debates, which on Friday ended approval of the law on organ transplantation, lasted several years.
SPD faction leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who personally faced with a shortage of donor organs, actively supported the bill. Two years ago, Steinmeier gave a kidney to his wife:

"This decision is not only useful for us all. We do not want to leave questions about a possible donation to relatives untimely deceased person. "

In Germany, some want to become donors.

In 2011, their organs for transplant gave only 1,200 people, while in the emergency operations of this kind need 12,000 patients.

PS: the representatives of the Russian authorities are constantly told that it is necessary to implement the European experience. This is the case of cash withdrawal, toll roads and other "innovations." Let's hope that the Germans will not take away the kidneys and other organs directly without asking, and most importantly to such an advanced idea suddenly as everything else did not like the Russian legislators. And most importantly, we will be ready …

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