Governments cooperate with aliens



Western media literally shocked informal statement of the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, made on December 7. The Prime Minister told reporters that all the Russian leaders, together with the "nuclear briefcase" get a folder marked "Top Secret", inside which contains the documentation of alien visits to Earth by aliens.

In addition, each new head of state provided intelligence report, which control a stay of aliens in the territory of our country, Medvedev added. According to him, the aliens reside among us, but accurate information about their number can cause panic. Details as "conspiracy theories" about the aliens can be found in popular American painting "Men in Black".

The statement quoted the Russian Prime Minister, most foreign publications. Some, for example, The Washington Post, believe that Dmitry Anatolyevich just joking, especially since he had mentioned that he believes in Santa Claus. Others, such as Corriere della Sera, said that it is not so clear that Medvedev could spill the beans about what really takes place.

Earlier in hiding information about aliens accused of mostly U.S. authorities. The Museum of New Mexico kept a note of Harry Truman, which supposedly refers to the collapse of extraterrestrial aircraft.

In 1991, the director of the Geneva Institute for Planetary Synthesis R. Schneider released a report of his colleague Milton Cooper's "secret government", in which he said that with 1947 to 1952, only one U.S. territory landed about a half dozen alien ships. Some were broken, others made an emergency landing. As a result, in the hands of the Americans were 65 dead bodies and one live … alien.

CIA Gerald Haines says that in July 1952, the administration of President seriously alarmed "massive wave of UFO sightings over the United States." There was even received an order to shoot down UFOs seen.

Most "UFO" rumors going around about Dwight Eisenhower. According to information collected by Milton Cooper, Eisenhower is the first of the powerful of this world entered a "diplomatic relations" with aliens.

In February 1954, during a stay in California Eisenhower suddenly a few hours dropped out of sight of journalists. Later, his press office said that the president was on reception at the dentist. However, clairvoyant and occultist Gerald Light argues that his astral vision saw the president Myurok at a military base in the Mojave Desert, where he was secretly ambassadors alien civilization. Curiously, appearing in public, Eisenhower has always denied the existence of unidentified flying objects …

After Dwight Eisenhower wrote the aforementioned Milton Cooper, each of the next president on inauguration day without fail showed secret "green room" where the bodies were stored frozen aliens from the famous spaceship crashed at Roswell in 1947. Thus, the new head is attached to the state secret.

Cooper was convinced that killed President John F. Kennedy fell victim to a "conspiracy": he was going to tell Americans about the CIA's contacts with the aliens, and paid for it with his life …

Noteworthy are the recollections of the famous comedian Jackie Gleason, a friend of Richard Nixon. That said, as if in February 1973 was with the president of the United States on the basis of Homestead. Unbeknown to protect Nixon took him to a secret room, where there were containers with glass lids. Inside were the bodies of dead humans …

A September 21, 1987 at a meeting of the UN General Assembly Ronald Reagan said that the Earth could threaten the alien invasion …

Some publications have also reported that in the past year, the FBI has officially confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the declassified archives of the UFO crash, which happened in 1947 near the American town of Roswell. Meanwhile, there is a version that the crash actually happened only in the role of a spaceship made of classified technology built on earth quite electrokinetic apparatus with an engine that after the accident, of course, tried to hide from prying eyes.

Anyway, if the information about UFOs and aliens really was true and was in charge of special services, it is unlikely that the latter began to take the wraps off something — because it could lead to unpredictable consequences … Yes, UFOs do exist, but there is no real evidence that they are directly related to the alien mind.

Margarita Trinity

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