Greetings from a UFO? In local vegetables began to appear strange pictures

Near her house blagoveschentsev hoppy rose miracle zucchini. It unusual figure — in the shape of circles that look just like the ones that leave the fields aliens.


This zucchini from one well to the other, no special growing conditions it was not. We collected about thirty pubs, and only one of them here such 3_2.jpgstranny figure — says Gennady hops. — Immediately noticing circles wife is incised zucchini, so he quickly began to deteriorate. Because of this figure paled, though it was quite clear and precise.

As a man of curious, Gennady R. tried to find specialists in Blagoveshchensk, including UFO, which could explain how an ordinary pub could appear such circles. But, unfortunately, did not find any. There were different versions — from the life of some rare disease or insects to lightning or a greeting from a UFO.

By the way, faced with such a mystery of the Annunciation and other Dachnitsa. For several years she grows watermelons, and this year, clearly recorded in two concentric circles. The answer to the question — how could appear this picture? — The family has not found even in 3_6_1.jpgInternete. Although two similar cases, there is mentioned, one of them, by the way, in the neighboring Khabarovsk Territory.


Interestingly, one can explain the emergence of such a curlicue on the Amur vegetables? It's no fun is it aliens, in fact!

Anna Azanova.

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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