Gregory Kastusyou (biography)

Kastusyou Gregory A. (biography by IN-BY.NET)

He was born on April 17, 1957 in the village of Tyahtin Belynichi district, Mogilev region.

Belarusian. Orthodox.

He is married. Three children.

1982 Graduated from the Belarusian Agricultural Academy, a mechanical engineer.

1975-1977 Service in the Soviet Army.

1983-1988 Chief engineer of the farm "Drut" Ecological Tourism.

1988-1991 Director of the farm "Spark" Ecological Tourism.

1995-2001 Director of Shklovsky district association of housing and communal services.

2002-2004 Director of the joint Belarusian-Ukrainian enterprise "Hydrosila — White Russia" in Mogilev.

Thrice elected deputy of the local councils.

During presidential election 2006 he was a trustee Milinkevich.

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