HAARP.Obnaruzhen secret island with a mass of plants Nikola Teslas technology? Video



Researcher, "Rev. Michelle Hopkins" (a pseudonym) made an amazing discovery. In the South Pacific, she found a point from which emanates a powerful radiation.

By setting the position, she initially found the unnamed island, about which nothing is known, then another, where, most likely, is the base of naval forces of the USA. At Castaway Island there is a modern infrastructure, an airport, a lot of buildings, including residential area, storage facilities for petroleum products, and most importantly, building a recognizable settings are very similar to those known in the HAARP, and are the development of technology Nikola Tesla .

On the direction of wave radiation, the author finds suggests that the activities of these units could be the cause of two recent earthquakes. It is also possible that the purpose of setting light on this strange island — to cause massive earthquakes in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to provoke a giant tsunami that can strike both the south and north on the east coast of America? At the very least, the area of wave action points to such a possibility.

The author has done its "homework", now do it and you. Watch the video.



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