Hallucinations associated with sleep and rest

The most common and dramatic hallucinations are those that occur immediately before or immediately after sleep or simply while relaxing in the prone position. Of course, dreams — also false perceptions observed during sleep, however, because we is not awake, they are generally not considered to be hallucinations. Similarly, during normal rest, we sometimes indulge in a variety of fantasies. But this fantasy is usually voluntary and is not considered a hallucination.

Hallucinations associated with sleep

Hallucinations associated with sleep, usually occur in the waking moments immediately before bedtime or after. Take, for example, a case with a young anthropology student, who later became a famous scientist.

In 1964, as a college student, David Hufford met the Night Strangler terrible. Whacked bout of mononucleosis and preparing for final exams, Hufford once in December went to the room he rented off-campus, and fell into a deep sleep. An hour later he woke to the sound of the door opening — the same door, which he locked the deadbolt lock and before going. After that Hufford heard the door to the bed footsteps sounded, and felt the presence of evil. The young man was terrified, he could not move a muscle, wide eyes froze.

Without warning, a sinister creature, whoever it may be, Hufford jumped on his chest. The chest has shrunk under the oppressive weight. Breathing became difficult. Hufford felt a pair of hands grabbed him by the neck and began to squeeze. "I thought I was going to die," — he said.
At this point, the force did not give Hufford move, as though disappeared. He jumped like a scalded cat, and ran a few blocks to the hostel, where he took refuge. "Why is it a mystery — he recalls with a strained laugh — but I told no one about what happened» (Bower, 2005, p. 27).

This event, which took place with Professor Hufford, when he was a student, illustrates several common phenomena in these circumstances, including hallucinations and sleep paralysis. Just before going to sleep, some people experience auditory or visual hypnagogic hallucinations.

They usually appear faces, landscapes, different scenes. It can be pseudohallucinations (which although seem real, as real people do not perceive) or true hallucinations (perceived seriously). Typically, hypnagogic hallucinations are static images. They can be seen during the day, in moments of fatigue or drowsiness, as well as a lack of external stimuli, and may be placed on the fact that one sees in reality. Such hallucinations are relatively common, they are often experiencing 37% of the population. Similarly, half asleep just before awakening a person may experience hypnopompic hallucinations. As a rule, they are repeating fragments of recent dreams.

Sleep paralysis — is associated with sleep dramatic condition where a person just before falling asleep or wake up unable to speak or move. Sometimes it feels that "out there" someone or something, but can not move or scream. At such moments often have visual, auditory, or tactile hallucinations. From a physiological point of view, when we sleep, our body is temporarily immobilized, and skeletal muscles (the ones that are used for movement, gesture and speech) covers temporary paralysis. That is why we are not trying to put into practice what we see in dreams. In a state of sleep paralysis brain wakes up, goes out of neurophysiological state of sleep, but the body remains very briefly paralyzed.

At this moment the person is fully aware of themselves and others, but can not move or speak, and sometimes also experiencing hallucinations, like dreams. Ordinary people sleep paralysis, and gipnapedicheskie and hypnopompic hallucinations can lead to horror. Many people experience sleep paralysis a few times in my life, but those who suffer certain sleep disorders (narcolepsy), it happens more often. It is possible that many meetings with ghosts, aliens and angels that took place around the world in very different times, in fact, are the cases of sleep paralysis and experienced in this creepy horror.

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