Heavy cross Gundyaeva


— What servant of God is not a slave to thank Cyril galleys.

"The journalist Vladimir Solovyov released Patriarch comment on the case of" The House on the waterfront. "
I just have to say that, in the form in which the position of Patriarch voiced by the trial of his property, it is this position and the case could have disastrous consequences for the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church. At least in the countries.

If His Holiness actually confirms that he gave permission for the action and taking away another person's property, and if he claims received by the court the money will be spent on charity, at least in foreign countries such position of the patriarch will be met with disastrous temptation.
And in a nightmare can not imagine what information could begin in the Western press about this.
Can we take away the property of another person for the sake of charity?
Is it possible to inform the court of its own figures one imaginary or actual damage claim on the basis of their compensation to get that huge compensation, and then publicly state that the figures are false and the money will go to charity?
Can I lie to the court where the civilized world swear on the Holy Scriptures?
This comment will inevitably cause a huge shock.
As soon as possible to correct this dangerous mistake. "

ROCOR priest MP Nikolai Savchenko, 29 March 2012

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