Helicopter Combat Support T-129A for the Turkish Armed Forces

First attack helicopters T-129A (two units) commit to pass various tests before they will rise to the formation of Turkish armed forces. Now there is a large Turkish parts of the lack of helicopters shock mission, and were armed with drums AH-1 several modifications are obsolete, well, worked their operating time.

Helicopter Combat Support T-129A for the Turkish Armed Forces

T-129A is a T-129 helicopter combat support. T-129 is a modification of the helicopter «Agusta A129 Mangusta», specially developed for the Turkish armed forces. The main differences are:
— refreshed engine;
— on-board computer system of «Aselsan»;
— refreshed avionics;
— more detectors;
— Missiles zabugornogo as well as its own execution;
— inflated property range and altitude.

According to the contract and the last arrangements before the end of the year in operation the Turkish Armed Forces will rise 4 units drums T-129A, another 5 units will be given to the customer in 2013. Total 2017 Turkish armed forces will receive 51 more new helicopter T-129, in its various versions.

General contractor in Turkey company «TAI», it is engaged in the creation and release of gliders and conjugation of all the subsystems in a helicopter. The company «Aselsan» is the main supplier of all on-board electronics, such as: bortovik, navigation system, communication system, the system of detectors.

Helicopter Combat Support T-129A for the Turkish Armed Forces

T-129 as a derivative of the A129 came out functional and technical levels staffed world-class helicopter attack helicopters and occupies a prominent place among the favorites of this sector of the market. The versatility of the new helicopter will provide a full complement of Turkey's armed forces helicopters if all the objectives for the possible theaters of war.

Creating T-129
30.03.2007. Turkey began negotiations with the Italian company «AgustaWestland» on joint development of an attack helicopter for the needs of Turkey on the basis of an attack helicopter «A129». Need 51 (40) helicopter. The helicopters will be assembled in Turkey's general contractor — the company «TAI». New helicopter will get a new name — the T-129 (draft) attacks. 7.09.2007 year. The contract is signed. The total contract price — 1.2 billion dollars. 22.06.2008 year. The agreement formally enters into force. Helicopter T-129 will be created on platforms made of Turkish «TAI». Turkish company and its subsidiaries receive full rights to license the development of helicopters, their equipment and weapons propulsion systems with the right of the T-129 in the other countries, except the United Kingdom and Italy itself.

The new helicopter will receive 12 Turkish anti-tank missiles «UMTAS», made by the company «ROKETSAN». Range of acts from 0.5 to 8 km. Install automatic 20mm Gatling gun system. The helicopter will get more powerful engine «LHTEC T800», which will provide an increase in range and altitude.

Helicopter Combat Support T-129A for the Turkish Armed Forces

To ensure the new helicopter the new radar-mm range (MILDAR) in the middle of 2007 created a special group of representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations. First, in 2012 the radar «MILDAR» successfully developed.

Of Turkish reports suggest that the new helicopters will be distributed followed by:
— 1 helicopter Defense remains in Turkey, which will be given a military trial spice as a shield for the development and testing of new systems, equipment and weapons of Turkish origin;
— 50 helicopters will be handed over to the army in 2017. From their T-129A — 9 units, others — T-129B (multi-purpose helicopter). Another 9 helicopters ordered as T-129S (helicopter operational use). Total demand was helicopters — 60 units.
— 40 helicopters will be built where necessary (military conflict).

T-129 is carried out in configurations 1 and TUC-TUC-2. First T-30 helicopter 129 will be performed in the configuration TUC-1, in other TUC-2.

Helicopter Combat Support T-129A for the Turkish Armed Forces

Mock helicopter was ready by mid-2009 was held on 28.09.2009 and its first flight. The flight took place at the facilities of the Italian company «AgustaWestland». Title layout — T-129 P-1. In 2010, the layout suffers a tragedy that there were no casualties. In August 2011 the first flight of a layout built on Turkish facilities. Title layout — T-129 R-6.

General characteristics:
— crew — 2 pilots;
— length — 14.6 m;
— the diameter of the screw — 11.9 meters;
— height — 3.4 meters;
— max take-off weight — 5 ton;
— Power — 2 motors «LHTEC CTS800-4A» capacity of 2,030 kW;
— speed cruiser. — 269 km / h;
— range of actions — 561 km;
— combat range — 1000 km;
— altitude ceiling — 6 km;
— armament: one automatic system Gatling gun (500 rounds ammunition), 4 block with rockets and machine guns, rockets UMTAS / Spike-ER / Hydra 70 / AGM-114 Hellfire / AIM-92 Stinger / AIM-9 Sidewinder in various combinations.

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