Helicopter, the Terminator

The Mi-8 — helicopter the middle class was created as a profound modernization of the helicopter E-4 GTE. The first flight of the serial car took 26 October 1965 Reliability, ruggedness and ease of use make this machine more vserasprostranennym transport helicopter in the world. The unique totality of aircraft performance and operational characteristics is allowed to do on the basis of the Mi-8 over 100 modifications.

Helicopter performed on single-rotor screw and a control unit. Semi-monocoque fuselage. The design of the fuselage is widely used large stamping and kleesvarnye connection. Glass cockpit provides a good overview. Spacious cargo cabin can be adapted for different deployment options. Non-retractable tricycle landing gear, dual front support self-orienting. The main rotor blades metal, equipped with indication of damage spar. To protect against freezing main rotor, the control screws and glass cockpit fitted with electro-thermal anti-icing system. The helicopter can be equipped a winch HAP-300, with means for closing the tray capacity of 2500 kg. To transport loads weighing up to 3 tons machine is equipped with a system outside of the suspension. In the helicopter Mi-8 has multiple global high scores, including a distance record in a straight line, which is not beaten to this day.

The Mi-8 — basic helicopter modifiable a 2-directions: Airborne transport Mi-8T (or Mi-8AT, with the engine TV2-117AG) and passenger Mi-8P. Mi-8T is designed to transport people and cargo inside the cabin, loads with external suspension, equipped with 24 seats. In the ambulance version can accommodate 20 people for unhealthy or the wounded, and 12 stretchers, portable and stationary oxygen equipment.

Created a huge amount of military versions: Mi-8AV — minoukladchik for the production of anti-tank minefields, Mi-8AD — minoukladchik anti-Mi-8BT — towing trawls. Created a series of command Fri Mi-8KP designed to search for reentry gallakticheskih modules. Equipped with a special set of connected "Saiga". Mi-8VZPU (E-9) — airborne command post and repeater designed to commanders infantry, tank and air divisions. Equipped with a set of radio communications equipment, the operator compartment and the commander of the task force. Mounted in the cargo AN-8, provides a stand-alone command Fri stationing.

Modification Mi-8SMV designed to protect front-line aviation from defeat air defense systems of the enemy. Equipped with complex electronic warfare "Smalt-V" and the system of AGF. Option E 8PPA designed for ground-based radar jamming detection, guidance and targeting systems, electronic warfare and equipped stations AFD system. Mi-8TARK — TV spy spotter. Mi-8TZ — tanker.

Mi-8TV (for export Mi-8TB) — a heavily modified. Equipped with a machine gun FCC-1-2M, farms can be hung from 50-500 kg bombs or UB-16 (UB-32) with NUR-5, nmap "Phalanx M" ("Baby" for export) or UPK -23, versatile helicopter gondola BS etc.

In the helicopter passenger modifications can accommodate 28 seats, equipped with a luggage compartment, rear entrance door with a ladder in the wings. E-8P has a rectangular window. Option "Salon" (including the president's version of "Lux") is equipped with the Government of coded radio communications. Radio communication equipment of the helicopter provides oboestoronnyuyu in the HF radio communication VHF radio spectra for core-1A, R-863, R-828. For disk imaging radar weather radar installed 8A-813.

Batch creation of the Mi-8 is on the LSC and U-UAP. Number built helicopters — more than 8,200, the number of exported — more than 2,000. Operated in Russia, CIS countries, Japan, China, Germany, Peru and other countries.

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