Hevel in 2012 will begin the implementation of projects on the basis of solar modules plant Chuvash

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Ltd. "Hevel" (joint venture companies "Renova" and RUSNANO) plans next year to implement the first projects using products solar module plant in Novocheboxarsk (Chuvashia) — is the supply of photovoltaic systems in the railway station of Anapa, Olympic sites in Sochi, solar systems, integrated into the energy infrastructure of the APEC summit, according to the Ministry of Construction of the Republic.

Currently the company is completing the establishment of production of solar modules in Novocheboxarsk with a total investment of 20.1 billion rubles. Supplier of process line for the production of the Swiss company Oerlikon Solar (part of the Oerlikon Corporation). The plant's capacity will be one million solar modules per year, which corresponds to 130 megawatts. Production technology is based on the application of coatings micromorph — thin films of silicon, which are the next generation of technology that is different from the technology of the past generation the presence of nanostructured layer micromorph able to convert a wide range of wavelengths.

Who made the object being built virtually all civil works, production ready and administrative buildings, paved external engineering and in-site communication. Oerlikon Solar specialists mounted installations for plasma deposition of thin layers of silicon, one of the key stages of the production process.

In addition, the company "Hevel" has already made arrangements for the supply necessary for the manufacture of solar modules and raw materials, such as glass optical quality, process gases.

Along with the completion of construction of the "Hevel" is working to ensure the marketing of products. The Company has entered into cooperation agreements with the Stavropol Territory, Dagestan, Mordovia. Next year plan to implement the first projects — a photovoltaic system at the railway station of Anapa, Olympic sites in Sochi, solar installation, integrated into the energy infrastructure of the APEC summit, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum of the Orthodox Church in Jordan.

The government of Chuvashia in April signed an agreement with the company "Hevel" on cooperation in the field of development in the high-tech industries. The company planned to open a plant in Chuvashia capacity of 130 megawatts (more than 1 million solar modules per year), which will be located in the city of Cheboksary.

Ltd. "Hevel" was created in the summer of 2009 for the development of a Russian production of thin film solar modules. RUSNANO's share in the charter capital of LLC "Hevel" is 49%, "Renova" — 51%.

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