Hitlers war machine — the Luftwaffe

History Luftwaffe tightly woven with the name of Hermann Goering, a military pilot of the First World War. Adolf Hitler came to power, not forgotten his own faithful companion, gave him a different party and municipal offices. In addition, Hitler ordered him to restore the German Air Force and declared the unofficial chief of the Luftwaffe. By 1939, the beginning of the second World War, Luftwaffe were among of strongest air force in the world. Ensured them an advantage, on the one hand, the experience of civilian war in Spain, on the other hand the latest strategies and technologies. Managing story of the Wehrmacht Luftwaffe, First, a "flying artillery", a tool to support the troops. So Makar, Luftwaffe created as a tool of "blitzkrieg". A documentary film of the series "The war machine Hitler"Tells about how to develop a German military aircraft, prevnesya great contribution to the success of early Nazi Germany.

Hitler's war machine — the Luftwaffe

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