Hotch Marine Design creates a unique vessel for Resource Studies

"Hotch Marine Engineering" has signed a contract with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to develop the initial technical requirements and project creation Greater research vessel (RV) "International" for the complex ocean fisheries research.

Under the terms of the technical project on board the research vessel will house laboratories with a total area of 12-15 okolo250 m². It is envisaged the presence of fish not hold menee500 m² (at minus 28 ° C to -30 ° C) and freezers at least at 15 m / day.

To effectively address the research objectives will be placed on the ship dynamic positioning system DYNPOS-1. The rate at displacement load line and the rated power during the transition will be 15 knots, while trawling — 6 knots.

Seaworthiness of the vessel and technical equipment will ensure that the research work at sea up to 5 points, and the wind force of up to 6 points, towing geophysical devices — at sea up to 6 points, and wind force up to 7 points. District of NIS will be unrestricted.

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