Hotch Marine Engineering completed the project research vessel RV 50010

"Hotch Marine Engineering" completed the project of a research vessel (RV 50010) to conduct a comprehensive study of the oceans. The work carried out within the framework of the federal target program "Development of civil marine equipment on 2009 — 2016 years."

This project is a boat length of 38 m, a width of 10 m vessel can reach speeds in the transition — 11, while trawling — 5 knots. Autonomy, in the mode of research — 28 days. Area of the vessel will be unrestricted.

Under the terms of this terms of reference, on board the RV are two enclosed hangar for research operations. The vessel is equipped with specialized laboratories, including four hydrological and two ichthyologic and scientific workshop. The vessel is equipped complex for frozen fish.

Provides space for 8 water scientists, ichthyologists and acoustics, as well as 12 crew members. On the decks are located cranes, as well as trawl, oceanographic and hydrobiological winch.

NIS will be able to perform complex research projects in the field of Fishing technology, oceanography and biology, ecosystem-based approach, including: 
— multispecies trawl and acoustic surveys to assess the availability of water aquatic organisms;
— study of oceanographic conditions for the formation of biological and commercial productivity of water in areas of research; 
— monitoring of commercial aquatic habitat; 
— assessment of the status and distribution of food supply and food security of the main commercial fish stocks; 
— Conduct research and collect materials for the evaluation of aquatic aquatic organisms using remotely operated underwater vehicle; 
— Mapping of the bottom in the survey area; 
— fishing with bottom and pelagic trawls for fish and other biological specimens for research purposes (for laboratory tests), followed by freezing; 
— development of new fish search methods and instruments; 
— technological research in the field of processing of aquatic organisms.

The project meets all modern requirements for safety and environmental protection.


The company "hotch Marine Design" performs a full range of consulting, design, construction and construction management of all types of vessels, including the oil and gas industry with a view to operating in the Far North. 

Vast experience in developing the design of project documentation — creating sketch, technical and operational projects, such as the construction of new facilities and the modernization of the ships operated, allow the company to firmly hold the leading position in the marine engineering. 

All design and technical documentation developed by our company meets the requirements of international conventions and rules of classification societies. 

Flexible system design and engineering staff a broad specialization allows for an almost unlimited range of design work on the creation of a large project into a series of vessels, including oil and gas, prior to the release documentation for the selected client node separately required to operate the vessel.   

"Hotch Marine Engineering" has extensive experience in the construction of ships and ships' hulls. Its technical capabilities provide a complete cycle of manufacturing of ships, from barges and tugs to sea fishing vessels, special purpose, sea and river tankers, bulk carriers, etc.


  • Design: the development of technical documentation are carried out at all stages of design, from a technical proposal to the working documentation for all types of civil vessels. In the design of preference to domestic materials and specialized ship equipment, which does not exclude the use of building materials and general industrial machinery and household foreign production in the presence of certificates of conformity, firefighters and sanitation.
  • Construction the ship in enclosed spaces equipped, which creates conditions for a quality all installation work and year-round assembly. Modern technology, quality control at all stages of development and production combined with a highly professional staff allow you to build vessels with European quality, cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Organizational maintenance of the building: a lot of nuances, which together could lead to material differences between the design requirements arise at the stage of construction of the ship. In order to reduce this risk to a minimum of indicators must constantly monitor and, if necessary, timely adjustments to the project — as it executes. To do this, and you want to control and technical supervision of construction. The company "hotch Marine Design" provides as construction supervision designed by objects and construction supervision on behalf of the customer. This provides a direct link for the design professionals and representatives of the construction company, will reduce the time to address emerging issues in the construction and ensure compliance with the architectural, technological and other technical solutions.
  • Consulting: feature shipbuilding — is a long production cycles, as well as the uniqueness of each vessel, the need to solve the problem of linking all the ship's systems into a single system, combined with the high cost of stocks. All this must be taken into account in the implementation of projects in the industry. In the context of these features enhanced the importance of consulting services provided by the company "hotch Marine Engineering."

    The company "hotch Marine Design" provides:

  • provision of services for the preparation of draft shipbuilding contracts;
  • perform calculations and expert review of the documentation developed by third parties.
  • drafting of technical specifications for the design of any complexity.

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