Hotch Marine Engineering started designing

The company "hotch Marine Engineering" has signed a contract with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to develop the initial technical requirements and create a project of modern Big tuna seiners.

According to the terms of this terms of reference, the length of seiner be okolo90, 00 m, width amidships -15.00 m, depth — okolo10, 00 m

Power of the main power plant and 6,000 kW shaft generator — 1,200 kW. The vessel can reach speeds — 16 knots. Endurance — 55 days. Deadweight — about 1,750 tons as navigational equipment will be installed GLONASS and GPS. Caught fish provides stored in refrigerated holds of 20-22.

District of seiners will be unrestricted. Number of crew and scientific group — 35 people.

The project is implemented by the technological direction of "Conceptual designs of marine equipment" ("New Look"), within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of civil marine technology" for 2009-2016.

The company "hotch Marine Design" performs a full range of consulting, design, construction and construction management of all types of vessels, including the oil and gas industry with a view to operating in the Far North. Accumulated rich experience enables the company to securely hold the leading position in the segment of the design and construction of ships of any class.

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