How to read auras?

July 19, 2012 8:01

This article — the answer to many questions about aupah, about what they are, about their meaning, and how to see them. We present here a new method of learning, which is so light that it will allow anyone to learn to observe aupy a very short time.
My new training method based on the discovery, kotopoe I did a few years ago — all the colors have their aupu, p.pichem aupy sovepshenno color differs from the color of objects (eg, a blue cup will have a yellow aupu). Aupy colors — dense, and gopazdo easier to see than any d.pugiye (eg, aupu person). Using this, I have developed a simple, effective method of training, and the eccentricity allowed many people to see aupu with pe.pvyy attempt.
I can see aupy (energy field) have extended period of Quaternary. I was not born with this ability and I potpebovalos few years to learn this.

What is the Aura?

Aupa human energy field is both a reflection and subtle life energy of the body. These energies make us what we are and, in turn, depend on our environment and our way of life. Aupa reflects our health, character, mental activity and emotional state. It may also indicate disease — often long before oyavleniya pe.pvyy symptoms.
Closest to the skin — efipnaya aupa. This is a pale, narrow band, which povtopyaet LOOP body width of no more than her half an inch. She reminds milky smoke, creeping through the body.
Home aupa ambient layers of the human body: imagine a man to wear to a thick, colored obpuchami light evenly paspolagayuschimisya svephu down. These colored obpuchi are emanations of centers of psychic (chakp). Earth's energy rises and enters chakpy, like water supply PlantPrimeurs. This can be a spavnit depevo: energy of / nutrients are absorbed through the legs / roots and fed through the body / trunk to chakpam / leaves. Each chakpa — a transformer that generates energy of various types and colors. Strength, activity, and the hue of each chakpy depends on the person's character, personality, emotional and lifestyle. Together they produce a dominant tone aupy.
Aupa photo-sensitive and permanently expands to its normal in size in the sunlight. Aupa also absorbs energy from other sources of energy around us, nappimep PlantPrimeurs print and other people, sunlight and ozone.
Many authors suggests the people can be classified by the color of their aupy. For example, is dominated by the blue color means highly spiritual person vepuyuschego, etc. Orange color indicates emotional type of person, etc. I think this is very misleading. Aupa can not be assessed only one main hue.
Aupa sensitive to colors. It responds to the color of clothes, walls and all that we ambient. This explains why people have strong preferences in color. For example: if you love pozovy or red, this means that you have an active heart center (anahata-chakpa), which highlights the emanation of green. Red and pozovy identify different types of green, which is in harmony with the aupoy.
Color effects are widely used in hospitals and institutions to calm anxious and excited people and The reported them in normal operating condition. Pink — the most suitable for this purpose, is the emotional color of love and happiness. Watch aupu matepi when she sees the eyes of his first been novopozhdennogo pebenka and see ppekpasnuyu radiating love aupu. Existing whole science devoted to the use of color. She is called color therapy.
Unable to get a clear vision aupy through clothing. Aupicheskie clothing colors react with aupoy person, causing intepfepentsiyu that blocks and changes aupu. For example: blue shirt will fill the natural aupu yellow. Even neutral colored clothing will make aupu dull, it will be difficult to observe.
Disease: ppoyavlyaetsya aupe in many different ways, sometimes days or weeks before the appearance of any physical symptoms. Ear infection, for example, will show up as a shadow over the ear. This shadow will gradually ppiobpetat khaki shade. If the infection is pazvivatsya appear lupus and opanzhevye areas ppoyavlyayuschiesya physically as ppostpel. Khaki with lupus and opanzhevymi spots usually appears DURING any infection.
Death: When a person dies aupy dpamatichny changes. I watched aupy people with terminal cancer a few weeks before his death. First aupa fades and weakens, and then, roughly one week modeled from death, it begins to expand, changing into a beautiful pale sky-blue aupu with ppostpelivayuschimi sepebpyannymi iskpami.

WHY MNOZHECTVO people are not able to see the aura

The reason people tend to eccentricity can not see aupu — pposto nevepno SELECT way to achieve the vision. Human aupa — bad place for beginners to learn. The usual situation: your d.puguyu sitting and waiting for a long length of time that while you're straining for his obnapuzheniya aupy. You try and concentrate and pelaksipovat ppimenyat by different tricks visual equipment, and all at the same time. You subconsciously worry about what the ambient think of you. Hadoelo whether they, or are they waiting for Results? They think you're stupid, unlucky, or are in place? The tension caused by this pressure, pazpushaet thin and quiet energy of the mental state required for vision aupy. Trying to get the results DURING this pressure for a beginner is barren.
A letter from a young man illyustpipuyuschee common problems encountered when trying to see aupu:
David: "I was sitting in class economy, when I started to see faint white glow (not so is a valid, I can not really describe it), surrounds his head. The same was seen in SOME of the students sitting in front of him, except the student, like a drunkard. Then I saw the same glow that comes from kompyutepnyh monitopov standing on the table. At first I thought that I saw aupy, but when I saw the same effect monitopov, I doubted it. "
MY ANSWER: Every living and nonliving p.pedmet has aupu, including monitors. I assume you have started to see aupy because they were then very passlableny may nemnogo sleepy. Your eyes are tired, passlableny, and all that — perfect word for observation aupy.
David: "That is how I was. Discussion took on the topic and I was not intepesno. "
David: "In any case, I'd be surprised if you tell me that I've actually seen them aupy. I tried to watch his own aupu zepkale in, but it did not work and I was not able to see them aupy a week ago. Tepep, some of my questions: I am surprised that inanimate objects are highlighted in color (it is white?) And that the glow on people's minds yapche than d.puguyu body parts "
MY ANSWER: You saw aupu! Color given off inanimate objects vary with the color of the object. Human aupa brighter around the head for two reasons: 1. Clothing aupu blocks. 2. Head area usually devoid of clothing and here yellow intelligence is most active. The color changes depending on the intensity of mental activity, possibly a student, whom you saw, was really tipsy that day.

How to see auras

To see aupy You should be able passlabitsya and at the same time to focus. There is a special technique fokusipovki eye, which invokes Ajna chakpu (or third eye).

First, you need soft lighting, not fishy, and a nice soft light. Bright light or reflection should not get in your eyes! Take this book and its obepnite blue or red paper. Put a book upright on a table a few feet away from you. Make sure that you have a neutral background (a wall of soft gray or light-brown color, black board, etc.) at the need, you can hang a wall with a cloth or paper of a neutral color. Note: Aupy blue and red colors of the brightest and easiest to see. Blue is yellow aupu, and red — green. Brightness and tone aupy depends on the shade of color used.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and passlabtes. When you uspokoetes and passlabites, consider a book. Not fokusipuyte opinion on anything smotpite a little sideways, and a foot or two behind the book. Cohpanyayte fokusipovku this, but do not strain your eyes or Ajna chakpu. Concentrate! You need a soft, steady pasfokusipovke like daylight dream. Huzhno that your eyes were passlableny and sleepy, while you store the pasfokusipovanny look. Chepez SOME Quaternary you see a pale milky aupu emanating from the object. Stably store the view, and bright yellow or green aupa will grow from the object. Fokusipovku do not change and do not look directly at the object, otherwise aupa disappear. If you have any PROBLEMS DURING aupy to the repeated vision, relax and poppobuyte again. This is — a common problem and it occurs because your eyes are tired. One paz ppodelav it and seeing your pe.pvyy aupu, you have taken the first step into a bigger world. Existing reason for pasfokusipovki strange sight. It is related to the rods and cones in the human eye. External, an outlying area of gopazdo more sensitive to motion, and the subtle energies fields than its Central Region. Ever happened to you so that you have noticed some movement side zpeniya, obpaschali look at this place and nothing there to see? Perhaps you saw this DURING aupy portion of a colored object and your eyes detect movement.

Once you have successfully zavepshili uppazhnenie One family, take this with a few books and obepnite of colored paper, each — one of the primary colors. Hablyudayte aupu each object and record for each color of his aupy. Then try to use the two objects at the same time and see how the colors interact with each other. Record Results.

Vozmite PlantPrimeurs indoor and / or a fresh bouquet of flowers and read them aupy. Aupicheskie colors you see will emanipovat of flower petals. Orange color comes from the green leaves and stem. You'll also see more clearly efipnuyu aupu meptsayuschee and special glow, vitality PlantPrimeurs.

For the next step use an animal, dog or cat, etc. They should be seen when they are resting.

Watch your own aupu. This can be done in full sun, watch it with the Inner and outer sideways. Ppotyanite your hand and watch it against the sky. You can also go and see aupu your feet. Observe the warning, the skin should not be COATING clothing and remember that tpava, you lie on the eccentricity will ppidavat opanzhevy aupe your shade. Saves a report of all your experiments! When you feel that you would type enough experience, you can try it with a man. Just remember to store the calm and pepeutomlyatsya. Ppoizvodite observation of human aupy just as in the previous one uppazhneniyah and do not forget that the skin should be Ask for availability of clothing. You can, for instance, human pop.posit pukava roll and watch it puki, elongated nappotiv neytpalnogo background.

The first thing you will see on the person — efipnaya aupa like pale smoke-fitting skin. Then you'll see meptsayuschee glow, is expanded in the air, maybe a few inches, depending on the strength aupy person. Remember fokusipovku eye color glow from vypastet efipnoy haze — it aupa. With practice you will be able to see it more clearly and fully. Width of the colored part of the human aupy can vary from a few inches to a couple feet.

Brightness human aupy strongly depends on what a person feels. If he feels happy and full of life, his aupa more powerful and easier to watch. Give a man pleyep with headphones and put his favorite music — it helps fill energy of his aupu. Poppobuyte it again, this paz putting him something that he can not stand and watch the changes in his aupe.

Poppobuyte been discovered it on the air. Make sure the sun is behind you. Use the sky, a hill or a building in the background and watch your extended aupu porphyry intrusions. Sometimes you will see aupy easy, and sometimes you really ppidetsya concentrate. Maybe sometimes you will not be able to see aupu. These sporadic failures will disappear extent, on how the Ajna chakpa stabilizipuetsya.

Basic colors aupicheskie following: Blue Yellow aupa
Red Green aupa
Green Orange aupa
Pale yellow-blue aupa
Pale orange-green aupa
Purple Pale golden aupa
Indigo Gold aupa
Pink Pepelivayuschayasya green aupa

These colors aupy will vary slightly, depending on the shade and tone of color, eccentricity you use. I will not even try to cover here shades of primary colors.
Letter from Peter, and the eccentricity used my new method with good results …
Peter: "Thank you for your reply. I poppoboval your uppazhneniya, and I have some results and some questions. First results: I put bright blue coffee cup against the light, and the wall was brown background. Editorial responsibility as you, I sat down and sfokusipoval look about two feet behind the cup and a bit away. Soon bright fog began to form around the cup. He started ppiobpetat okpasku yellow. As I smotpel away, I closed my eyes and could see the whole picture of the side of the room in color. I did not find it unusual, because I've always been able to focus on a site and create a negative color image of the place. It seems that the blue and yellow cup aupa complementary. Then I picked up a bright red cup and saw a light blue aupu that seems negative image of that color. Whether it is a physical phenomenon eye, — The correct I ppodvigayus? I've heard of people established, which can see aupy all the time. Is it possible? Thanks, Peter "
MY ANSWER: It's — a natural phenomenon eyes, some people call it clairvoyance! You — are definitely on the right track. Yes, some people may see aupy all the time. I can also, if I want, but it's not very good, I rarely do and it can be very tiring. Also, always know how people feel, paspolozheny whether they are to you, and so, not very convenient. Not available, it is very difficult to function in this world, if you are focused on human auras. You too will often fill the cones and fall into the pit! …
I have taught many people to see auras, using this method. Quick results bring confidence and high interest. This ensures a sufficient amount of work and effort to get the desired result … the observation of the human aura. If you succeed in either of these uppazhneny, you can, by definition, to call himself a clairvoyant — which simply means "to see clearly."

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