Hundreds of thousands of mutant mosquitoes to be released into the wild in Florida


But do not worry, the scientists say that they have a plan. It may sound like something out of a low-budget horror film, but the Office of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is actually considering the question whether or not they should allow scientists to send thousands and thousands of genetically modified insects into the wild.


If all goes as planned, the modified mosquitoes will be included in biota Florida Keys, and ideally should mate with the mosquitoes, which are carriers of the deadly dengue fever, and submit to the population of a fatal birth defect. Scientists hope to eradicate such offspring before birth. Scientists say that they expect that the population of mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti, contaminated dangerous disease will be destroyed in a few generations without causing any serious consequences for native ecosystems.

"From a scientific point of view, this is, I think it looks fine. Here a direct statement of the experiment and collect data," said Michael Doel (Michael Doyle) from control to control mosquitoes in Florida, reports the Associated Press.

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