Hungary and the EU. The unfinished story of the ideological confrontation

Hungary and the EU.  The unfinished story of ideological confrontationJanuary 11, the EU ordered Hungary in a week's time to correct identified non-compliance to laws Hungary and the European Union. In the unlikely event the country is very impressive threaten fines and penalties. Special discontent caused the government's right to appoint Hungary's deputy prime minister and central bank lowering the retirement age of judges from 70 to 62 years old (in the European Union suspect that such makarom rulers relieve unwanted arbitrators). Obviously, that's not all, after adjusting for signs of roughness Commission will proceed to the examination of the upcoming new Hungarian laws.

It seems that the main stumbling block will be brand new Constitution Hungary, prescribing a lot more control over the country's central bank, than is usual in the EU. Freedom of the banking sector on the formidable government control — the cornerstone of economic ideology of Western society, which no one has yet encroached.

I must say that new girl Constitution Hungary — the brainchild of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, head of the ruling party "Fides", still in its draft was criticized by many prominent figures of the West. Its provisions were against and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In addition, it has fallen off resentment representatives of the liberal press, openly calling this document is a direct threat to European democracy.

The fact that many of the provisions of the Constitution are contrary to the fundamental liberal principles. For example, the Constitution emphasizes the role of Christianity. This, in principle, not surprisingly, since the vast majority of the population are Christians Hungarians, but not politically correct with respect to the values of modern Europe. In addition, the Constitution protects "the right to life from conception" (in which perceive a ban on abortion), and, most importantly, outlaw same-sex marriage, which is contrary to the trend outlined in the West, all sorts of protection of homosexual relations.

It is not yet caused a thinly veiled criticism of revanchism document. Hungary holds the idea of succession in relation to the Crown of St. Stephen (Stephen). This medieval government was two to three times larger than the modern one. Its members came Slovakia, a large part of Croatia, half Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian Transcarpathian region of Vojvodina, also part of Austria and Slovenia. In the new Constitution has language allowing to consider all three and a half million Hungarians zabugornyh citizens, in fact — they are guaranteed support and protection. All of the above, in practice, reinforced by the mass distribution of Hungarian passports betrothed near abroad countries. So Makar, the coming neighbors, EU members Hungary almost support.

And support Hungary simply necessary since country experiencing a severe economic crisis. External debt of the country is 75% of GDP. Incidents force government to seek help from the Navy — to ask to borrow up to 20 billion euros. The talks are scheduled for this week in Washington. Managing director of the Navy Christine Lagarde warned in advance that the concessions will not.

Economic prepyadstviya compounded intensify the political struggle. On January celebration of the beginning of the acts of the Constitution suddenly crowned the newest multi-million dollar rally to protest against the document came into effect.

The meeting was the result of both over-activity of the opposition forces, and actual claims of the population to the legislative activity of the ruling party.

For discontent circumstances more than enough, when the background of the economic downturn is introduced, for example, law of mandatory tax on dog breeders 6 million Ft (800 rub.) per dog. On January 1, shall enter into force draconian fines for smoking in public places (up to 50 thousand Ft (6.5 thous.)).
It must be said that the parliament launched an unprecedented activity in the adoption of new laws and prompt interned them in actual practice (only 53 per day or the last session of Parliament was passed about 100 bills).

Some of them are capable of causing consternation among ordinary tradesman. For example, the first of January in the country began to form voluntary reserve army. The estimated age of the future reserve 40 — 57 years. Most likely, the reserve will be drawn from ex-military, lured by the addition of benign not so long ago cut pensions. Of course, that military personnel will make a good backbone for at least some army, especially in case of need the militia.

In addition, since 1 January 2011 formed a brand new system of organization of voluntary civilian police and the brand new uniform system of civilian defense — perhaps as many radical innovations in itself poses a risk to public order.

On top of all the problems last week broke sharp vowel skirmish between the government and the central bank around the precise number of debt. As a result, the forint fell to a record low 324 per euro, and many economists predicted a drop to 340. Need to pay tribute to the Government Hungary, maintain the appearance of the presence of mind in spite of the dark predictions of Western media and lamentations decadent minded opposition. The collapse of state currency failed to stop, he reveals the world (first the EU, IMF and unlisted) a picture of a peaceful and fruitful co-operation with the Central Bank. The film was supported by the Hungarian anti propaganda in the media — as a result of the forint, though uncertain, but rose to 315 per euro.

It seems that Hungary has a very active vitality and, more precisely, an active explosive, government, from which we should expect exciting, unpredictable moves. So, most likely, the ideological confrontation between the EU and Hungary recently is resolved.

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