Hungary began to investigate war crimes of the Red Army

Hungary began to investigate "war crimes" of the Red Army

August 29, 2011 edition of the Hungarian right "Magyar Hirlap" situated message to initiate an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation of the Hungarian Republic (Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda) so-called. "War crimes" Russian troops in the Hungarian countryside in time Second world war in the spring of 1945.

Note the Hungarian edition has the headline: "Secret atrocities" liberators. " It speaks about the shooting of 32 Hungarians in the town Olasfalu March 22, 1945. Village Olasfalu placed in Transdanubia Veszprém north and west of another large town of Szekesfehervar in Hungary.

During the period of December 1944 to March 1945 the area around the town of Szekesfehervar was the scene of languid fighting the Red Army and the Wehrmacht Hungarian parts. March 15, troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front (commanded by Marshal of the Union of Russian Tolbukhina) at the Battle of Lake Balaton successfully repulsed the desperate attacks of Hitler's forces, and were able to start on March 16 along parts of the 2nd Ukrainian Front Vienna offensive operation, at the end of the liberation of Hungary and the capture of Vienna . Russian units coming avalanche passed through Olasfalu, where the incident occurred.

Who were shot and for what — exactly clear. Apparently, the shooting has made some sort of a small group of Russian fighter. This would violate the discipline tylovikov or separated from their part of the men could be a special unit Smersh, "mopped up" the rear of the advancing troops from enemy units. On the pages of "Magyar Hirlap" posted a list of killed people. Among them, there is no give, no kids. The best part — they are people of military age 18-30 years. Only two have an age of 50 years, and two to 16 years. Based on the outstanding data, some of the dead were ethnic Germans. Motives for the shooting are unknown. Maybe it was revenge for comrades killed in the fighting, maybe they were members of the Red Army fighting with. Reasons for revenge in Red was pretty — for example, when the Wehrmacht were able to fight off Szekesfehervar, out of town does not have time to evacuate Russian field hospital and everyone, including nurses, were cut.

In the true time Hungarian investigators are interviewed witnesses the incident happened — the inhabitants of the village, 80-year-old men. And even try to make Identikit "war criminals".

So makarom placed August 23, 2011 in the capital of Poland resolution the need for practical conclusions from the "memory of the victims of totalitarianism" has received in the Republic of Hungary the first practical implementation. Preparation of anti-Soviet and anti-Russian "Nuremberg" goes into the practice. And this against the background of domestic "de-Sovietization" and "de-Stalinization", it turns out that being prepared "soil" and later offered to repent en masse, well, to pay "debts".

The first in his time took the initiative to introduce a calendar of the EU "Day of Remembrance of the Victims of totalitarianism" Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Hungary. European bureaucrats liked the idea, and, behold, this year there for the first time noted on August 23 as a day of memory of victims of totalitarianism. What a day chosen is very symbolic — August 23, 1939 was signed by the famous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

In other words, the European founders of days in advance of the victims of totalitarianism led to the perpetrators — the mode of Stalin and Hitler, the Soviet Union and the 3rd Reich. In this case, both of these modes — Stalin and Hitler, the plan of the European founders of the "holiday", are equally guilty. The fact that Russian Alliance and Stalinist system had brought a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism and European fascism, the organizers of this "holiday" prefer not to remember. The main thing in true time — Indict Russian Union completely oust him from the pedestal favorite. Put it on a "whiteboard with Nazi Germany. And then you can seek reparations, the same Germany hitherto robbed. In so far as the modern Russian Federation de facto and de jure is the successor of the Union, specifically it must answer for the "deed" and so, at least, lose the status and privileges victorious powers. This information anger and fits into the strategy of partitioning and finishing stateliness of.

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