I believe we will restore the independence of their own country

I believe we will restore the independence of their homeland

Now the electric-mail I received a letter. The creator of this letter is to Moma Alex from Moscow. After reading the letter, I experienced mixed feelings. 1st — moral gratification from the fact that due to the configuration of the Russian legislation enemy's radio station ceases broadcasting on medium wave. This means that step by step we begin to recover their independence and the political will of our management for the implementation of the present. But I also feel a sense of anxiety that is based on the fact that the enemy will intensify their lobby, own foreign agents, and information noise about "tightening the screws". Here is the letter:

Do you like Radio Freedom? I'm listening to "Freedom" for many years and is now very concerned about his fate.
Not so long ago, it became clear that the radio stops broadcasting on medium wave, and that it is caused by the configuration of Russian legislation.

It is also clear that there was an opportunity to save broadcasting, but for some reason South American authorities chose to close radio, replaced in order to find the solution.

Not so long ago, were dismissed from our beloved radio journalists, members of the Metropolitan Bureau, the true human rights activists and fighters for freedom in RF. Radio promised to give up entirely in the format of Web broadcasting. But many in Russia do not have web access, and with the departure of the "Freedom" with medium wave just finished getting fair and impartial information about what is happening in the country and abroad!

That's why I started a petition on Change.org, facing the South American authorities to cancel their decision to leave the "Freedom" from the air and look for an acceptable form of compromise with the Russian authorities, in which radio could remain in the medium range! I want a refund on the air of "Freedom" and the jobs of laid-off journalists.

Tomorrow — October 11 — Broadcasting Board of Governors will consider again the question of the Russian radio service. And very fundamentally, that we have shown how much the audience of "Freedom" require to maintain our favorite radio. Sign the petition!

Thank you very much,
Alexei Moma,

I sincerely interested in something neuzh agent Moma and the like seriously think that among the people of the Russian Federation they will receive widespread support? Is not it time they shut up? You need the same, "favorite", journalists and human rights activists who give "truthful" information. And to whom entot agent applies for protection? Enjoying a letter and litsezreem — a South American authorities! But, in my opinion, he refers to the Yankees, in their direct orders. Because it makes it appear that the Americans will try to put pressure on Russia not for their own political interests, and countless requests for Tipo people, in other words, going to meet the aspirations of ordinary people. Department of State, carrying out "democratization" of undesirable states, always refers to the aspirations of ordinary people, what these aspirations miraculously appear at the right political moment.

It looks like little people sold themselves, so until this time and does not realize that our homeland has become the path of liberation movements from the South American influence and American management laid down under Yeltsin. We want to live by our laws. According to the laws, which themselves will develop and adopt themselves. Overseas screaming and pointing finger superpuperdemokratov us somehow fed up.

I found a very mention of the web Lesha Mome and found his page in LiveJournal (http://alex_moma.livejournal.com/). After seeing his record, it is easy to conclude that it is an agent with the experience. In Russia, it advances the interests of the so-called international human rights organizations, or to be more exact, the interests of other countries. Apparently, this process and provides it with the means of subsistence. Something gives me a clue that this state is the United States (who would have hesitated.) Specifically, the United States is vitally "interested" in the welfare of the people of. Of course, Romney was that our homeland is America's number one enemy, it seemed to us only. All the political management of the United States is up and sees our partnership with the U.S., which plays the role of the Russian Federation colony.

Together with the fact amuses me that the activities of Leschi is not widely supported, as in principle at least, this indicates his record of 5.10.2012:

My friends, I am saddened.

In the second day of my departure on leave, September 21, in the online edition of Freedom and its Metropolitan Bureau took CLEANING: was fired the entire Internet edition and almost all employees of the Metropolitan Bureau. I was without a laptop, and some days are not just the Web, because promptly react to it but could not.

But I am saddened not only that. And the fact that none of you, members of the company (this despite the fact that there is not and will not be until I'm the owner here, no pre-moderation posts) wrote about it here a word. The question arises: why then took?

Publications on the topic was in the media these days are many, they are not far away (especially those that were in the pro-Kremlin media) deserve — moral — CENSUS. But here's the article Misha sokolovmikhail Sokolova, the 1st of the best journalists of the Metropolitan Bureau, of course, also fired "just because." Perhaps it was she, more than any other, puts the record straight on the issue of e sweep, the termination on November 10, broadcast on medium wave, short wave broadcasting prospects, how thanks to the stupidity of the management of its own South American "Liberty" lost and medium-sized wave and FM-band in St. Petersburg, etc.
Here is the material at the Elephant: http://slon.ru/russia/sokolov-833990.xhtml

But what kind of information I found by following the above link labeled:

In the capital's office "Radio Liberty" to the nearest time remained a man who worked at the station 20 two years — from the time when the station did not have to turn off, and the August 1991 coup had not yet happened. It is a political columnist Mike Sokolov. Specifically, the coup, the position taken by the radio then, and personally Sokolov, while freelancers, "Freedom" has its own legalization in Russia. Then, in 1991, he wrote his own hand a decree that on August 27, Boris Yeltsin signed, giving the radio station to broadcast freely in Russia …

All this information confirms that in 90 years our home has lost its sovereignty. Even the "freelancers" (and really foreign agent) wrote his own hand and palmed off on Yeltsin signed decrees.

Not surprisingly, that by the end of the 90 Our home was actually on the verge of collapse of the country. It was only the arrival of Putin's government, and then pushed his election as president of Russia unsafe features.

From all this, I made a subsequent conclusions:
1. Citizens of the Russian Federation have chosen for themselves the authority which found it necessary to choose. We have chosen the power of working in the interests of Russia. Here let it continue running, despite the hy
sterical clicks foreign agents, international "human rights" and their sponsors. As a result of this work, we'll create yourself your own conclusions. Foreigners and let the rest to us with his snout do not climb.
2. The enemies do not give up. They even what ways are trying to gain a foothold in the information space of. In this connection it must resist both level control of, and at domestic level.
3. To patriotic leaders have not turned the right way, and the lobby is not foreign to strengthen its position, support for fundamental political decision on the part of ordinary people.

It seems that the struggle for independence RF began. At this point you need to take very important for the independence of the laws of the Russian Federation:
1. On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia).
2. Prohibition bureaucrats have bank accounts, and other immovable property abroad.

To understand why they are needed, please go to (http://национальныйзакон.рф/official.html. There you will be able to read them, to make them about their world and maintain. My wife and I have supported them. Do not remain indifferent to the fate of their own country. From your presentation and your role depends on whether we keep this forefathers homeland for their own offspring. From our role depends, our descendants will curse us, or they will be proud of us. History of the Russian Federation continues. Believe, it will stateliness.

PS: I wish that enemies do not forget that their activities can be evaluated not only from the standpoint of the U.S. State Department, and from the standpoint of the power structures of, in other words, in accordance with the Criminal Code.

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