If not dismissed, then bullied

An increasing number of activists affected by the government for their public activities during the election campaign. Some were fired, others threatened with dismissal. Such cases reported by regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Vitebsk Region

"The director told you to lay off that the firm had no problems"

Through participation in the presidential election campaign, lost his job Alexander Kuznetsov, Vitebsk coordinator for the collection of signatures for nomination Gregory Kastusiou.

Mr. Kuznetsov worked as a driver in the cab "107". He assumed it would be to collect signatures for a demonstration in support of Gregory Kastusiou after hours. But it happened differently: he has the car broke down, and during downtime, while it repaired, activist often coming out on picket. This has not gone unnoticed, said Alexander Kuznetsov:

Alexander Kuznetsov and Gregory Kastusyou to picket in Vitebsk October 12

"Almost immediately after I first came to the picket, I called the elder dyspetcharka, which replaces the director, and said that the police were interested in me and demanded characteristic that I worker. Also said that I repaired the car better, and not standing in the picket. "

Alexander Kuznetsov explained that the repairs are handled by experts and reminded there are witnesses that the car broke down, as it happened in the presence of customers who had to call in another car. Dyspetcharka, in his words, said it should consult with the director. And when a few days later, Alexander Kuznetsov went to work, the issue has been resolved:

"I explained all dyspetchartsy, she said that she will contact the director. But their firm does not want any trouble, because I'm not in a demonstration of the current leader of the country, and with law enforcement agencies as the problems are not needed. And when the machine was renovated, we have passed the commission, and I, as the driver was allowed to work, dyspetcharka calls me and says, "The director ordered to fire you, so that firms do not have any problems."

Alexander Kuznetsov, a father of two children, one of which — the disabled since childhood, was left without a job. However, yesterday, he again came to the picket to collect signatures along with the very Kastusyou Gregory, who drove a few hours to Vitebsk.

Collectors intimidated — and they disappeared

On the occasions when members of initiative groups are problems by participating in the elections, and tell themselves potential candidates. Among them is Sergey Ryzhov, one of Vitebsk applicants to participate in the presidential election:

Sergey Ryzhov

"In medicine, the University of Technology student was summoned to the dean's office and told that they will be dismissed if they do not write a letter of resignation from my initiative group and not to stop the collection of signatures. Indeed! Chairman of the Village Council Voronovskiy arrived late at night in a gypsy family, commanded to write statements that they go out of my initiative group, something they had intimidated … And in the end the whole family is gone, We do not know where these people are. Twice we came to the place where they lived, but relatives say they left in an unknown direction.

Sergey Ryzhov said that he is very concerned about the fate of the Roma families in which there were members of the initiative group. He says that on this fact, he sent an application to the Central Election Commission. In the electoral program of the Vitebsk potential candidate for a special point about the need revival in Belarus Roma culture, the creation of Roma cultural and educational centers, schools, museums, and so on.


Mogilev region recorded facts of the persecution of activists created Bobruisk "Belarusian Christian Democracy". They are forced to give up the collection of signatures in support of the Vital Rymasheuski and get out of the founders of the party.

Harassment Bobruisk activists out of the general election campaign, a peaceful walk in the region. In addition to "hadekav" in Bobruisk more not bothering anyone, said a participant of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" Ales Skopintsava

"There's a majority of people and the founders and now even members of initiative groups, and it is twice as frustrating power. Among the several members of the BCD came to the house staff of the Ministry of Justice, as they seemed, and intimidated them. They have such a purpose — to scare people so they abandoned it of that party. "

Ideologist SOEs forced to sign a waiver BCD activist of the party.

The founder of BCD Svetlana Abramchykavu not only visiting officials of the Ministry of Justice. Her, as she claims, warned ideologue Bobruisk Tyre Plant of the opposition of non-alignment with the work at the state enterprise.

"He wanted me to sign a waiver of the party. He made it clear that my contract will end and I'll stay on the street. Contract ends in March. I'm not doing anything illegal. This is my right, enshrined in the constitution. I just do not understand their guilt. Nobody to me are forced to. myself I just wanted to show their initiative. wanted to support Vital Rymasheuski. "

Taisa Kabanchuk

If Svetlana Abramchykava first time participating in the election campaign, over the shoulders of her colleague, leader of the Bobruisk hadekav Taisii Kabanchuk such a rich experience. During his public activities it has already laid off from work:

"Internally, nothing has changed, so do not change their methods of influencing people. We remain under the cap and Yarmoshina Lukashenko. What he tells, then done. No one is not controlled by any laws. "

We remain under the cap and Yarmoshina Lukashenko.


Gomel Oblast

"Safety" in the elections

Pressure on Rechitskoye entrepreneur and activist Oleg Shabetnik began as soon as he joined the campaign "Tell the truth." It was felt even more when he led the campaign headquarters in the region of Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Suddenly it began testing the private trade and production enterprise "Alida and K". Moreover, not only from the traditional regulatory authorities, but also inter-regional labor inspectorate.

September 15 Chief Inspector of Rechytsa Interdistrict Inspectorate of Labour decided to accept the private enterprise of Mr. Shabetnik guilty of a violation of safety rules and fined the director of 700 thousand rubles.

Now Mr. Shabetnik trying to appeal the decision through the courts.

Tells Homel human rights activist and lawyer Leonid Sudalenka:

"I helped cook Oleg Shabetnik appeal against the decision of the Rechitsa Interdistrict Inspectorate. Labour inspectors made their finding of violation of law only on the basis of documents. They went to check the outlets, and took no explanation from the director himself.

By and large, as a trader at a kiosk can disrupt the health and safety rules, if he has no mechanisms or grinders or other dangerous devices?

Given the fact that Oleg Shabetnik heads in the region of Vladimir N
eklyaeva group, one of the independent candidates for president, I believe that this persecution for his active citizenship. "

No blood, no one was killed — it's OK.

In the region of Neklyaeva collect signatures of about 400 people. Recently at the Gomel signature collectors, who stood in a picket at the department store, attacked a young man — pounded on the table, insulted collectors, pushing people photographed all on your mobile phone.

Constantin Zhukovsky, that the day was collecting signatures at the department store, told police that they may have caused about half an hour:

"And what came first guard, but the real police arrived in about an hour and a half. They first scolded us. They say there's no blood, no one was killed — it's OK."

Valentin Stefanovich

Expert "Freedom", the lawyer human rights center "Viasna" Valentin Stefanovich notes that some of the changes in the election campaign should not be misleading.

"The government at this point has nothing to lose. Because the most important aspects of the electoral process, it still controls. But these concessions are made in the collection of signatures on purpose. After all, so you can create a view of the liberalization of the campaign, which deals with the organization of the collection of signatures. But, again, I say that all the others, and the most important things the campaign remain under control. We are well aware that the collection of signatures in support of Lukashenko is quite different in other places. I mean business, where the collection of signatures under duress do with the administration. And these facts, we have quite a lot. "

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