Immortals will become billionaires from the list of Forbes magazine?

July 17, 2012 7:34

Dmitry Itskov.

Scientists are asking businesses to finance their development in the field of cybernetic immortality
Recall that at the beginning of 2011 in Russia, a new strategic social movement "Russia 2045". It was headed by businessman, president of media holding New Media Stars Dmitry Itskov.

On the basis of the movement was to create a corporation "Immortality." It was composed of eminent specialists in the field of artificial organs, bionic systems and systems in place for the exchange of information between the brain and the electronic device. Most scientists — from the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the corporation — to create a completely artificial body of a person by the middle of this century (see "KP" here). Movement "2045" has manifested itself in two international conferences: the "Singularity Summit" in New York and the Global Future Congress 2045 in Moscow.

 Plan "Russia 2045" and corporations "Immortality" is that in 2015 a prototype of "Surrogates", as in the movie with Bruce Willis. In this fantasy action film people got into the capsule, put on a helmet with sensors and strength of nerve impulses run your android — with full presence. In 2020, an artificial body will be publicly available and easy to operate, such as cars. In parallel experiments go to transplant the brain — first in animals, then in terminal patients. Then you should see the first commercial copy of an artificial body with a living brain inside. In 2030 — the creation of an artificial brain. And in 2035 — its combination with an artificial body. And in 2045 years — the creation of a body-hologram that can be projected anywhere in the world and which will be transferred to consciousness.
Fantastic idea captivated even the Dalai Lama XIV (see "KP" here). In an interview, he said in particular: "It is necessary to connect the body, the robot and the human mind, the human brain. It is necessary to combine. It's possible. "
But, of course, such big plans require big money. So the head of the movement appealed to Dmitry Itskov wealthy. It may be that they want to be the first immortal?

Here is his letter.

"Ladies and gentlemen — list members Forbes!
In 2012, you became 16 more (1226 people), and your total state increased by 100 billion ($ 4.6 trillion). Do you have expensive cars, boats, airplanes, castles, private islands. You know the whole world, respect you, you are jealous, you are taken as an example. You have worked hard and achieved great results. Most of you for your success had to pay their own health. Unfortunately, modern medicine does not solve the problem of the return of health, in the final analysis it is a hundred percent mortality and medicine can only temporarily delay the process of aging people.
Many of you, earning big business in business, free support science, culture, art, provide funding for various programs. I urge you to pay attention to the strategic importance of a planned and targeted funding development scientists in the field of cybernetic immortality and artificial body, which, if successful, could give all the people of the Earth and to you personally free from disease, old age, death.
Those of you who prefer to constantly increase the earned capital can invest in cutting-edge innovations in the field of neuroscience, nanotechnology, humanoid robots that can be not only investing in the future of human civilization, and profitable business strategy!
All this — the components of a new industry of immortality, the immense significance and volume of funds involved. Industry, to establish that you have a real chance now. It will change everything: the pharmaceutical business, transportation, medicine, energy, construction, will enter into all spheres of human life. And it can bring much more money than the oil and gas industry or IT-now.
You invest in business projects that will bring you the next billion, while each of you is able to finance the extension of his life up to immortality. Our civilization is very close to the creation of these technologies, and it is not a dream of science fiction. In your power to make sure that the goal was achieved in your lifetime.
I am ready to prove that it is possible, arrange for a private examination of the concept of life extension up to immortality with cybernetic technology with the world's leading scientists.
I am even prepared to be completely free of your personal project coordinator for immortality only in order to see the world as soon as possible for these technologies.
Dear businessmen list of "Forbes" magazine! Human life is precious and unique, but short. And only in the moment of parting with it everyone realizes how many did not, did not, or did not. Everything that we were tied, that we loved in this life suddenly becomes unavailable.
Today you have a unique chance to change this situation and at the same time bring invaluable to his country, to the world, to write his name in the history of the world, supporting the creation of industry immortality.
Wishing you health and unlimited longevity, founder of the "Russia 2045", the president of Congress "Global Future 2045" Dmitry Itskov. "

Svetlana KUZINA

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