In a world increasingly suffer arthritis


As the experts Vaasa, the number of patients with arthritis in the world is growing rapidly. In the U.S. alone it affects more than 42 million people, with one in six of them the disease has made invalid. Very high zahvorvalnastsi observed in European countries. In Africa and Asia, arthritis is not so common, however, and on these continents there is a high dynamics of development of the disease.

Because of this prevalence of arthritis of the World Health Organization conducted from 2000 to 2010 the "Decade to combat diseases of bones and joints," and announced on October 12 the World Day against arthritis.

The causes of many types of joint disease remain unknown

The first symptoms of this serious disease is well known: the joints are sore, swollen, hrustsyats, hardly moving. Meanwhile medical researchers say: these signs indicate that the disease has gone away. Feature kastseva diseases of the musculoskeletal system is that the destruction of the cartilage can go a long time bessymptomna.

The second problem, according to scientists — the one that causes most of the articular pathologies and remain outstanding. High-profile reports on the discovery of origin of a particular type of the disease appear in special editions almost every year, but they were soon as loudly refuted by representatives of other schools of thought. For a long time, for example, the causes of diseases of the joints were considered a love of fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle and even unhealthy habit of snapping his fingers.

And in 2009, the American physician Donald Unger Shnobelevskuyu received the award (a parody of the famous Nobel) for experimental evidence that pstrykanne knuckles does not lead to arthritis. Dr. Unger 60 years of snapping the joints of his left hand — and never right, but in the end no joint disease has not got.

In turn, the British scientists from the London College on the basis of their research believe people mean age more prone to arthritis ill if intense exercise.

Osteaartryt can cause physical exercise?

In British researchers conducted an experiment involving more than 200 medium build aged 45 to 55 years. None of them had not complained of pain in the knee joint — that is, the osteaartryt, one of the most common types of arthritis. Today in the UK it affects 8 million inhabitants. Participants filled out a questionnaire and in accordance with the answers they were divided into three groups according to the intensity of physical activity: low, medium and high.

It turned out people, that more load itself physically have a deviation in the knee joint, which in turn leads to its degeneratsyynaga disease and finally to osteaartrytu.

The results of the experiment, which were considered at the annual meeting radyelyagichnaga Medical Society of North America, have caused much debate among experts.

A researcher from the University of California (USA), Dr. Christoph Shteling totally agree with studies of their British counterparts:

"People who are prone to greater physical activity, have more abnormalities in the area of the knee, and this will eventually cause more osteaartryt."

Meanwhile representative of the American Organization of arthritis study Kate Lyulin convinced:

"Many people mistakenly believe that physical education classes in the presence of arthritis is strictly prohibited. Really moderate exercise is best to help control the pain, provide a general burst of energy and

Only in the United States on arthritis affects more than 42 million people, one in six of them — the disabled.

strengthen joints. The benefits of exercise are much higher than the expected loss. "

Drinking alcohol reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis?

Among the various types of arthritis, the most challenging in terms of the development of the disease and its treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is considered. This is a systemic disease of the connective tissue, mainly affecting small joints.

The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown. Who has the highest prevalence of imunagenetychnaya theory of its origin, according to which the matter is genetically determined defektse immune system.

This disease in 70% of cases leads to disability, which occurs quite early. Leading causes of death — infectious complications and renal failure.

Modern disease treatment protocol approved by the Vaasa, focuses primarily on relieving pain, slowing the progression of the disease and restoring damaged by surgical intervention.

Meanwhile, as the research professionals Karlinskaya Stockholm Institute, the risk of developing the disease significantly reduces the human consumption of alcohol.

Scientists have analyzed the medical records 2750 people. As the Swedish researchers, they "were trying to figure out how to do to the patient a variety of environmental and genetic factors, and therefore asked them questions about lifestyle, including — a commitment to alcohol, as well as doing a blood test."

It was found that people who drink (converted) in five glasses of wine a week, the risk of disease is reduced by half compared with those who did not drink at all or consumes minimal amounts of alcohol.

Swedish doctors warn, however, excessive drinking increases the risk of many other diseases.

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