In Africa, found the ancient city of the Anunnaki, who came from Heaven legendary fathers of mankind?



This conclusion came researcher, publisher and producer Michael Tellinger, after studying the ancient ruins in southern Africa. Tellinger believes that the ancient city composed of many unusual buildings, linked to the lost civilization of ancient aliens from outer space — the Anunnaki. They came to Earth about 200,000 years ago to mine gold here.



The ruins, which he studied with another researcher Johan Heine, consist of thousands of stone structures on a very large area. The very sight of the structures shows that they belong to ancient times, as evidenced by severe erosion and raids, said Tellinger.

One of the most important structures called it "Adam's Calendar". This monolithic stone calendar that can identify any day.

According to the works of well-known researcher Zecharia Sitchin Sumerian civilization, which refers to Tellinger, the Anunnaki a long time busy with human genetics to create a work for the work in the mines.

Among the ruins there is a group of hexagonal shape. It resembles a honeycomb, which, in the opinion of the investigator, could be used as reservoirs. In addition, Tellinger suggested that many of the structures made of stones that contain quartz, were used as a source of energy for large settlements. By studying the area using aerial maps, Tellinger has identified three areas of large cities, an area of about 60 km x 60 km each. One of them includes the ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

Among the ruins, you can find the first of the pyramid, as well as details of the inscriptions carved on stone. Including the ankh symbol, which indicates its use for thousands of years before the Egyptian civilization, said Tellinger.

Michael Tellinger for 30 years, researched the origins of humankind and the genetic anomalies of the human species, which formed the basis of his work, entitled "Slave view of God." Together with Johan Heine, in 2007, they began to study the ancient ruins in South Africa. As a result, were written two books — "Adam's Calendar" and "Temples of the African Gods." During the study, and were made the startling scientific conclusions that the remains of the ancient structures in southern Africa may belong to a vanished civilization of the Anunnaki, allegedly visited the Earth about 200,000 years ago.

The Anunnaki or Annunaki (etymology of the name is uncertain due to the presence of multiple forms of writing (a-nuna, a-nuna-ke-ne, a-nun-na), giving a different reading of "who came from heaven," "those of noble blood," and so . etc.) — Enlil, Ninlil, Enki — Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian deities, known by the most ancient written sources. Related, and in some cases overlap with Annwn (fifty great gods) and the Igigi (minor gods).

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