In Arizona, raging forest fires

Team with the help of available hand tools tried to fight the fire with a strong, driven by the wind and swells. The fire spread to 30 square miles, burning forests, grasslands, and threatening the small town nearby.

According to fire officials, the fire was one of the strongest in recent years, and they already had 4. In total, the National Forest in Toronto, burned 52 square kilometers of forest plantations.

A few days after the fire, the teams managed to dig a restraining line of fire of only 10% relative to its perimeter. This fire is likely to open a new account in 2012, after the 2011 season, which has the 2000 fires, resulting in burned 1,500 square miles, according to the National Center fires.

Behind a curtain of fire left gray-brown haze across the north-eastern part of the valley of Phoenix, obscuring views of the whole mountain area.
Also, about 350 residents of Crown Kongs, in central Arizona, were evacuated because of another impending severe fire. It destroyed 22 square kilometers of forest in Prescott National Forest, and a few buildings. Driven by the wind, the fire threatened homes in the pool Horsethief, and the Forest Service, observation towers and power lines, located in a remote mountainous area. Unfortunately, the terrain does not allow to quickly and efficiently extinguish the fire.
With more than 1,000 fire fighting fire with support for dozens of fire trucks and helicopters.

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