In Belarus warmer by the weekend

The weather today in Belarus will be defined periphery of an anticyclone centered over eastern Ukraine. Precipitation is expected. On some sections of roads icy. Southern wind is moderate, sometimes choppy. Temperature is -4 .. -10 ° C. Pressure will fall.
In the next day, January 7, the weather conditions worsen. Day across the country will be atmospheric front, followed by the warm air will be imposed from the southwest of Europe. Expected to be cloudy at night with clear spells. Night without precipitation. In the morning and in the afternoon in most of the snow, blizzard, the Brest and Grodno regions sleet, turning into rain, ice, black ice on the roads. Southern wind gusts, in the north to the strong. Night temperature -4 .. -10 ° C, to the east in clarifying to -14 ° C, in the afternoon from -8 ° C on the east to +2 ° C on the west.
January 8-9, the weather will determine the fronts, is shifted from the south-west of Europe, and coming after them warm air masses southern latitudes.
January 8 complex with precipitation expected weather. Snow at times, alternating with rain, sometimes ice, fog, black ice on the roads. Night temperature -1 .. -8 ° C, on the south-west is about 0 ° C; afternoon from -4 ° C in the north-east to +4 ° C on the south-west.
January 9 will remain wet weather with precipitation. Patchy fog, ice, black ice on the roads. Night temperature of -5 ° C in the north-east to +2 ° C on the south-west, in the afternoon from -2 ° C to +5 ° C, respectively.

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