In Chuvashia burned Bakery

In Chuvashia burning bakery. As REGNUM in the press service of Russia's EMERCOM in Chuvashia, a fire occurred in the afternoon in the village of Poretsky. Firefighters took about an hour for the total elimination of the flame. Affected by the state of emergency there. The total damage is estimated at 50 thousand rubles: fire damaged 300 square meters. meters of the roof. As it turned out, on the first floor of a building under repair. Sparks from the grinder fell on the heater as a result there was a fire.

During the day, firefighters carried out four to extinguish burning grass and debris.

According to Russia's EMERCOM in Chuvashia, from the beginning, the country was 349 fires. Direct damage from them was more than 15.6 million rubles. The fire killed 39 people, including two children. 41 injured in the republic. Firefighters rescued 159 people and property worth more than 205 million rubles.

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