In Finland, the foreigners are going to implant microchips


Assistant Member of Parliament from the nationalist party "True Finns" Helena Eronen acted with initiative in the country to introduce special Patches for foreigners, including Russians.

In the article, published on Wednesday in his blog on the nationalist portal Uusi Suomi (New Finland) assistant deputy justifies the proposal because it will facilitate the work of the police and free up resources because police do not have on each occasion to demand that foreigners identity.

At the same time, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper Turun Sanomat, for each nationality are invited to make bandages in different colors with identification marks.

"For a Muslim, it could be a crescent moon on the background color of his state, … for those coming from the U.S. — a hamburger" — offers Eronen.

Armbands must be worn and the Finnish Swedes, and sexual minorities. For the latter, the identification mark to be a rainbow of colors, according to the deputy. She also offers to implant all foreigners entering the country microchips, "Interfax".

Eronen works as an assistant deputy Yames Hirvisaari, who was punished by the court in 2011 for inciting ethnic hatred.

During the Second World War the German Nazis in fear of death made to wear from different segments of the population identifying marks, including arm-not belonging Aryan race.

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