In France, the demonstration will be battles between Russian fighter Su-30MKI and South American F-16

In France, the demonstration will be fighting between Russian fighter Su-30MKI fighters and U.S. F-16At the international air force maneuvers entitled Garuda, which take place in France at the Istres air base, training will be fighting between Russian fighter Su-30MKI production and South American — F-16. It is reported by ITAR-TASS referring to The Indian Express.

Pilot the "Dry" will be the Indian pilots. The Su-30MKI is the most advanced military aircraft in the Indian Air Force, because they have been specifically targeted for a role in the maneuvers.

Military control of the country especially interested in these competitions, because it will allow pilots to not only show their abilities and capabilities of their own military aircraft, and to get acquainted with the fighting qualities F-16, which are part of Singapore Air Force. India is currently concerned about the supply of fighter aircraft — 18 aircraft of the new version of the F-16 — the Pakistani Shahbaz Air Base.

Earlier, the Indian "Dry" has already occurred in the demonstration training battles with the F-15 U.S. Air Force during joint maneuvers. According to media reports, the Su-30MKI were then fit and able to win. Apart from the competition with the new F-16, the Indian "Dry" on maneuvers Garuda plans to compete as a fighter Rafale and Mirage 2000-5.

In France, the demonstration will be fighting between Russian fighter Su-30MKI fighters and U.S. F-16

Su-30MKI is a multi-purpose fighter aircraft with a crew of two and is an upgraded version of the Sou-27UB. In the tasks of combat aircraft comes conquest advantages in the air, the distant patrol, escort aircraft distant aircraft, radar surveillance, guidance and control.

The Su-30 is equipped with in-flight refueling system, new in comparison with the previous model rockets and weapons control system. Aircraft Resettled integrated 30 mm cannon GSH-301, also hinged arms: six medium-range missiles and six rockets close combat, svobodnopadayuschih bombs and other types of guns.

Overall length is almost 22 m, height — about 6 meters and a wingspan — 14.7 m Fighter can reach speeds of up to 2125 km / h Battle radius is 1.5 thousand kilometers. At the moment, the fighters of this class are in service with the Russian Air Force, India, Algeria, Venezuela, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Uganda.

In France, the demonstration will be fighting between Russian fighter Su-30MKI fighters and U.S. F-16

F-16, either fighting falcon, is a functional light fighter, developed by General Dynamics in the United States. Aircraft of this class listed the most widespread fighters fourth generation. As of 2009, built more than 4.4 thousand cars. For the U.S. Air Force, these aircraft are no longer being built, but made for export.

As the crew comes one pilot. The length of the aircraft is 15 m, height of almost 6 meters and a wingspan — about 9.5 m Combat range is, on average, 1.5 thousand kilometers.

Warship to equip subsequent types of weapons: six-barrel gun, nine suspension points, guided missiles, and various bombs.

F-16 in service with 24 countries, including Venezuela, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and several European countries.

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