In Italy, made a film about the greatest era of lies — the Holocaust

Italian neo semi-legally distributed online documentary, which denies the Holocaust.

Within 90 minutes of the tape "Knowledge frees» («Wissen Macht Frei») tells us that the Holocaust — "the most colossal lie of the modern era", the newspaper La Repubblica.

The publication notes that it is the first film made in Italy. Though while it is distributed in the network, mainly through the neo-Nazi forums, there are plans to extend this cinematographic schools.

"We do not ask for it nor the euro and are ready to deliver it in high schools" — promised the filmmakers.

Activists Forza Nuova («New Power") has long been known to the Italian law-enforcement services of their activities by denying the Shoah and anti-Semitic and racist comments on the forums.

According to neo-Nazis' propaganda the Holocaust — a thriving industry. With a turnover of billions of dollars around the West. " They call the film a first step — "this is the beginning, we have many ideas for the revisionist films and their distribution."

Another "trick" neo bothered Italian public especially given the recent carnage in Toulouse. Should be reminded that the 24-year-old native of Algeria, Mohammed Mayor opened fire on the children and adults who had gathered in the courtyard of the Jewish school. Killed a teacher and three children of three, six and eight years. 17-year-old was seriously injured.

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