In Japan, created a virtual reality system that allows implanted in someone elses body


Scientists from the laboratory Ikei postgraduate school systems engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan University have created a unique virtual reality system that could affect the five senses of the human body …

System developers talk about reaching a new level of virtualization, which involves not only the transfer of audio and video data to man, but uses the sense of smell, touch and feel movement, which can be used for the organization of virtual travel, during which a man can be, as it were in another body, edifying information about his feelings, feeling the effects of the environment on it, etc.

Unique installation includes headphones, 3D-Monitor, the fans that create the movement of air and odors, as well as a footrest and a chair who has the necessary mobility, able to deviate from the vertical position and implement the interventions on the person.

The combination of these features allows a person to convey the real feelings that he feels in everyday life, but only received and transmitted by the virtual system.

Designed by the Japanese system is able to run a revolution in the gaming industry. No less promising is its use for virtual travel, allowing people to visit any place in the world to see, hear and feel all of its charms and keep in your memory a lot of pleasant impressions, without making any physical effort. This writes the site Moscow — the Third Rome with reference to the S2 — News for geeks.

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