In Lviv the river out of control

During the afternoon of 28 May because of heavy rain in the Lviv region rapidly climbed the water levels in the mountain rivers. Uncontrollable water've done a lot of trouble throughout the area.

As the press-service of EMERCOM in Lviv region, the water in the river had risen Shodnichanka provoked gas pipeline rupture, resulting in settlement Skhodnitsa left without gas supply (800 subscribers). All in the village. Skhodnitsa home to about 2112 people.

But this trouble Skhodnitsa not over. It destroyed the car metal bridge over the river Shodnichanka (length 10 m, width 3.5 m).

There is no entrance to the 18 houses, where 75 people. In two places in the river Shodnichanka damaged embankments.

The city Borislav podmyta support concrete bridge over the river Tysmenytsia, which can then lead to the restriction or elimination of traffic on the bridge (length 20 m, width 10 m) and the lack of transportation to the village Skhodnitsa and surrounding towns.

Damaged river bank reinforcement Tysmenytsia.

The village has a long Drohobych district destroyed reinforced concrete road bridge (length 8 m, width 5 m). Entrance to the 70 apartment buildings, home to 120 people, is real only through the village Sopit Skole district.

Forces MES-nicks in the village on the river Skhodnitsa Shodnichanka was made to clear congestion (branches, trees, debris), thereby avoiding a significant improvement in water followed flooding areas and the destruction of coastal fortifications.

We should also add that on the same day, May 28, in the village Zavidche Radehovskogo area about 19 hours dropped large hail. Rainfall and hail damaged roofs of houses and outbuildings.

Now the consequences of bad weather eliminates EMERCOM Ukraine in Lviv region.

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